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Laundry Adventures!!!

Okay this just had to be documented. I just have to first apologize for my picture quality. Between my phone and my cheap camera things are not looking good. Someday I'll be able to afford a nice camera. But for now, I just have to accept the fact that I don't have quality pictures. (I love taking pictures so this just drives me CRAZY!!!) 

Okay so it all started on Sunday morning I went to put some laundry into my washing machine. Before I continue, I must say that my washing machine door has a lot of give so you have to pull the door up in order to close it. (I wish there was a fix to this. Trust me it drives me nuts. But my amazing BIL looked at it and there's no fixing this little annoyance. But if it weren't for this, I feel there would not have been a problem!) Okay anyways, I went to close the door to the washing machine and it popped back open. Adn then I realized that a little piece on the door had popped off. Oh boy, what was I going to do?? It was Sunday...s…

Christmas Day

A few highlights (good and bad) from Christmas:
spending the night at my mom's house and sharing a bed with Reednew jammies!!!hot wassailbad weatherLyn & Nick not making it for Christmas Eve due to bad weather. They slid into a ditch and luckily were safe.Spending time with familyReed's love of his new drumsAsher's love of pulling things out of stockings...and his joy in helping others do soReed/Asher loving playing with toys all day long...and wanting everyone to play with themGrandpa & Thelma coming over for Christmas dinnerlounging in jammies all daylooking at Christmas lights that nightmy parents dumpster diving to find my kindle fire box (which had the power cord in it)....and then finding it at the house Kayla's announcementSkyping with Ken & his fam (his kids are too cute...they were pumped about all their gifts)My Kindle gift!seeing Lyn & her fam for 10 min on Christmas as they headed to Cali....etc....It was a fun, family-filled Chri…

School Shooting :(

There are so many different images that I thouht of sharing here. But this image shows most what I've been feeling ever since this horrid day. As a teacher, this tragedy frightens me so much! All I can thing is what I would do if I was a teacher in that situation. I don't have closets and bathrooms in my classroom where I could hide 25 scared children. What would I do? There is not one single spot in my classroom where I would be able to hide this darling children. I just can't get the thought out of my mind that I wouldn't be able to protect those innocent children if a shooter entered in my room. I hope that a situation like this never happens again. But as a teacher, I can't seem to shake myself of these fears. It is my job and responsibility to keep these children entrusted to my care safe. I hope that if I were ever in a situation like this, I'd be able to protect that innocent children in my classroom. 
I've seen a lot of posts on FB about teachers h…


My nice clean bed. I don't bother putting the comforter on anymore. I get to hot and kick it off anyways. So the bed looks funny, but it's COMFORTABLE!!!
Okay so I was sick for over a week. After being sick, I had no energy. I just was tired and mopey.... So this weekend I decided to get all the "germs" out of this house!! I washed my bedding, scrubbed my bathroom, scrubbed all the counter tops, dusted, swept & mopped floors...etc... I had to get it "all out". And boy does it feel good. It feels so much better in this house, and somehow I have all my energy back. So glad I did that!!! This house feels how it should again :)

Frosting Cookies...

The other night I went over to my mom's house for dinner. After dinner, we had fun frosting cookies that my sis had made with her boys earlier that day. It was fun. Her little boys had a blast. And the cookies were yummy! 

Sweet & Not-So-Sweet Letters from Students...

I am one lucky teacher! My little darlings gave me some pretty fun gifts this year. I feel very blessed. And one gift was the Christmas stocking. My sweet sub had the students write me letters to fill the stocking. They also earned "treats" for my stocking through their good behavior. They must have been really good because this stocking was bursting at the seams. I've been so busy that I didn't have time to read the letters until today. Biggest mistake of my life! Okay maybe not, but not the best idea ever. As I read through the letters, I was touched by the sweet things they said. But one particular letter was pretty RUDE...and of course I dwell on that one. Why can't I dwell on the 40 nice letters?? I have to let the one little stinker get to me...ugh!!! Oh well, I will eventually let it go. 

This is just a FABULOUS "get well soon" letter...NOT!!! Thanks for ruining my day you little stinker! 

There were several of these sweet letters. This student …

Illness cont...

Okay so remember this post?? Well...things got much worse!! On Friday I laid in bed and slept...all day long! I was starving from having what I thought was the flu. So I mustered up the energy to go get some food. But other than that, I slept the whole rest of the day. I just had NO ENERGY at all! So then Saturday I felt the same. I was still exhausted. And I thought it was wierd that I was so exhausted...I've never been this beat after the flu before. Then it all began Saturday afternoon....the worst rash of my life! My entire body was covered in a rash...I mean it was EVERYWHERE!! But it didn't itch. The only reason I knew about it was because I went to get in the shower and noticed it on my skin. As the day went on...things got worse. The rash started to permeate heat off of my body! It was the strangest feeling. Although my body was on fire, I also had the chills. It didn't get way bad though until the Quick Care was closed. I was not about to go to the ER and pay a fo…

Happy Thoughts!

This quote describes exactly what I'm trying to do in my life right now. I won't go into too much detail here. But if you've read my blog recently or been near me, you know what I mean. I've been focusing on the negative. I can't say it's easy, but I'm trying so hard to be positive. It is definitely not an "overnight" change. But we're working on it. So please bare with me as I try to make some changes in my life. 


Great thought. Easier said than done.

Laugh, Apologize, and Let Go


Stomach Flu...UGH!!!

Ugh!!! Why did I have to go and get the flu?? I have been absolutely miserable the last few days! Most of you won't care to read this, but I just want to document for my own purposes. Tuesday afternoon (while still at work) I started feeling tired and dizzy. I just thought I was overworked and needed to go to bed early that night. Well, not exactly. As the afternoon went on, I got worse and worse. We had a birthday celebration planned for my sister. So I went over to my parents' house for that. I was not feeling well at all the whole time that I was there. And I felt myself getting worse and worse. I finally apologized and went home. I tried to decide if I write sub plans now or in the morning. Who knows? I might feel ok in the morning. Who was I kidding? I went to straight to bed. Not the best decision. I had a horrible night. So in the morning (Wed) I texed about every sub I know. While I waited to hear back I wrote lesson plans. I found someone, so I let the school know an…

These "Goof Balls" them!

I've missed these goof balls this week! I've been sick in bed ever since Tuesday night. And honestly, I'd much rather be at school with these cutie pies than home with the flu. You know, I'm only human. Everyone wants a day off every once in awhile. But home with the flu is not "a day off". On a day off you: sleep in, clean up around your house, go to lunch with a friend, get some errands run. Wow, I'm boring aren't I lol?? Anyways, these three days at home were not enjoyable. I take going to work over this any day!! Can't wait to see these little cuties on Monday! :)

My heart is breaking today :(

This picture says it alls. It says what words can't express. I happen to be home sick in bed today. I turned on the TV and immediately was struck with the tragedy that had just hit our country. Those poor children and their families in Connecticut. I have been glued to the TV all day long. I can't turn it off! How could someone do something so awful?? And to little children?? That just breaks my heart to think of what went through the minds of those poor little children!! As a teacher, this is one of the scariest thing that I can imagine. I am not a parent, so I don't understand that aspect of it. But in a way, those children that I spend my days with are "my children". I think of each one of them and their sweet smiling faces. And it just breaks my heart to think someone would be so sick to go into an elementary school with a gun. I have seriously been sobbing my eyes out all day long. I can't bring myself to turn off the tv. But I just don't want to he…

GDO...we all need one every once in awhile!

Well as was made obvious from my previous post, life has really gotten to me lately. Life has just been really rough and has been totally pulling me down. So I did what every girl would do...I called in for reinforcement! I called the girls for a much needed day of shopping, lunch, and movie(s)!!! Yes!!! That is just exactly what I needed today! We started out at Paradise Bakery...yum! You just can't go wrong when in "paradise" :) Then we headed over to favorite store! Okay, I don't hardly ever go there. I'm always broke and there are always treasures to be found in Target. But today I scored on some sweet Christmas CDs! Yes! And you know what? I splurged and bought them. Because I was actually excited about something. And I've been in a Bah Humbug sort of mood lately. So the fact that I wanted to listen to Christmas music was HUGE!!! So I got a little Scotty McCreery, Michael Buble, Taylor Swift, Colbie Callait (my fave singer ever), and Lady A…

Life...and other stuff too!

Not sure how to express what I'm feeling today. But I'm certainly going to try! I feel like I've just been Negative Nancy of all bitterness lately. I always said that I'd never let myself get that way, even when life got hard. But then life happened and life became unbearable and I became Bitter Betty. So I apologize to anyone who has come across my path recently. I know I've been a sad, angry, bitter, negative....etc...person. But this week I decided that I needed to make some changes in my life. I went to the one and only person that I knew could help me with this. And I am working really hard to make the necessary changes in my life. I used to be a happy person who took life and rolled with the punches. But now life is too unbearable and too hard. So to those in my life who I may have offended or hurt, I have one thing to say. I'm sorry. And with that I'll say. I'm only human. I'm doing my best. It has never been my intention to hurt anyone; onl…

How I Feel




Beauty is...a Rainbow!

I felt the need to show you this beautiful school where I work! The other day it rained. As we walked out to leave at the end of the day, this is what we saw! Luckily, a friend had taken a picture (so I could steal it hehe). Isn't that rainbow gorgeous?? Love it!!!

A new pair of shoes!

Okay I'm a sucker for shoes. So I've always loved this quote! I amy not like heels or anything fancy. But I love getting a new pair of shoes...even if it's a pair of flip flops! I would prefer to wear flip flops year round and never have to ever wear a pair of socks. But since I can't do that, I can go buy myself a cute pair of shoes. And you know if ever I'm feeling down, new shoes just have a way of making me feel better. Now people would say that I have too many shoes, and I know that. But...whatever makes a girl feel good right? And I go through them every once in awhile and get rid of the older ones that I don't wear anymore! I just always feel good and happy when I get a new pair of shoes. Thanks Cinderella for validating that feeling! I love it!!!

Love...and the perfect song!

Okay! A friend showed me this song the other day. And I can not stop listening to it! It is beautiful and absolutely amazing!!!! I want to find a man who feels this way about where is he?? Or maybe I'm just dillusional to think that it's possible to find a man who thinks that about me! Or am I??

I like to listen to this version. There is something soothing about sitting and listening to it as I read the words on the screen. It makes me heart melt. It's so sweet. I love it!!!

Dating...oh boy!

I'm starting to think this is true ;)

Haha...true true...except I did just finsh the graduate degree...but secretly I've always wanted to be the housewife of a hard working husband! ;)
Okay I don't sit around waiting for prince charming to show up at my door. I know it doesn't work that way...I wish! I try to get out there as much as I can. But the older I get the harder that gets! I mean seriously, I'm 33 years old. At my age, there aren't a lot of men out there. But the ones that are out there, are divorced and don't want to be in a relationship, or are just wierd and so not a good fit for me! So wherer are all the good men?? They're all married did I miss all the good ones? I've been doing what I'm supposed to...or at least trying. I'm a good person. I work hard. So why do i not deserve to be married? Why am I stuck being single and lonely? Why oh why oh why??? 
I recently was set up by a friend. She set me up…


Okay! After such a crazy, hard week...I couldn't have had a better night if I'd planned it! I got most buncos again! Remember this post?? Well I was happy after that night. And happened again! And seriously I was ON FIRE! I had a super crazy week with I knew I had Thursday night to look forward to. I would finish my last SEP of the week at 6:00 pm. Then I'd head home and play bunco with my bunco babes. Well that all happened and I was extrememly exhausted. But I was super excited! For starters, Amberly had gotten Papa John's Pizza for dinner. I was super excited that she took the easy route and picked up pizza. PJs brings me back to my college days. And I don't think I've had it since then. Back in college, there was a PJ on the corner of the parking lot of our apartment complex. So my roommates and I often late at night got some yummy PJs. So the other night when I took my first bite, I remembered how yummy this pizza is! was wond…

Thank you Vista School Board!

You know I often get stuck in the grind of the day to day. And I forget what a great job I have. MY job is easily overwhelming, stressful, etc. But really it's those adorable kiddos that make my job so great. I get to spend my day with 9 & 10 year olds. I get to hear all about the things that excite them worry them, and scare them. I get to hear all about what happens at home. I get to hear them tell me that they love me, and that I'm their favorite teacher in the world. I get to hear their silly comments as I'm trying to teach them. I get to see how excited they get when we reach the climax of our read-aloud in class! I get to see major growth in the areas of reading and writing! But with all of these wonderful things, sometime I forget about these little things that make teaching fun. I get so stressed and overwhelmed with all the things I need to do for my students to be sure they are prepared for life and that they are learning everything that they need to. 
It is…