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Easter Craft...

We made a super easy craft today! We started with a cheap basket from d.i. Then we found some old spray paint that was laying around. We painted the baskets. We hung them from the tree to dry. :) Once dry, we scrunched up tissue paper and put it in the bottom of the basket. Then we placed dollar store plastic eggs in the basket. And voila, we had a great easter decoration!

Easter Wreath

Remember this post where I talked about how to hang my wreath? Well I finally did it. Used some cute ribbon that we found at the dollar store. Took a command hook and hung it upside down at the top of the inside of my door. Then tied the ribbon around the wreath and attached the ribbon to the command hook. And voila! Complete! So easy...and such a great way to hang wreaths.

If you look closely, you can see the upside down command hook. 
Here's the front view!

Spring Wreath...finally finished!

Remember this post?? Well, we finally made it! It's been sittin there for probably like 3 weeks now. Yesterday, we finally decided to make the wreath. We sat down to do it and it went so fast that we wanted to make something else. It turned out so cute!

All you need is a wreath form, various colors of tissue paper, and a gluegun! We used a coffee filter for size. Trace the coffee filter onto the tissue paper for your circles. Then cut out your circles. Once you cut out your circles, grab your tissue paper in the center and sortof crinkle to make it look like a flower. Place glue on wreath and then push center of tissue paper onto desired glue spot. Be careful not to burn yourself. We both burnt ourselves quite a bit! You can use the eraser tip to push down the tissue paper. We found it to be faster just to use our finger (which is probably why we got burnt). You can make it as full as you want. I started out pretty thin. But then kept adding more and more tissue to make it fuller.…

What to do, what to do...???

You know that feeling in your gut where you know you shouldn't do something?? You want to do it so badly, but that feeling just won't go away??? Well I am feeling that right now. I am supposed to leave for Disneyland tomorrow morning with my parents and little sister. We've been planning this trip for probably about a month now. I've really been looking forward to this, getting out of town and leaving my worries behind for a week. I have been super super excited about going on this trip!!! Disneyland is seriously my favorite place on Earth. I absolutely love that freakin amazin place! But I just keep gettin that feelin that I shouldn't go. I don't know why I need to stay home. But I know what my gut is telling me...that I should stay home! I want to ignore that feeling so badly and just go anyways! But I've ignored it before...and things never turn out well when I ignore it! So I guess I'm stuck home all week with nothing to do. Spring Break and I'm…

Spring Wreath

Here's the next project. We started it about a week ago. But were interupted when we decided to do it differently. You are supposed to use food coloring to dye coffee filters for this project. That wasn't going so well. So we decided to use tissue paper and cut it into circles. But we didn't have enough. So we will be hopefully finishing this project tomorrow. It will be really cute! Ours will be much brighter than the picture. I've noticed a theme...I like to make subway art and wreaths! LOL!

My Family

A few pics of my amazing family...I have the best family ever!!! Love them!!! My brother's family is not featured in this post. They live far away so I don't have many pics of them these days. I need to work on that. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have such adorable nieces and nephews!

Disney or Bust!!!

I'm super excited! Spring Break is coming up in about a week. What does that mean for me?? No work for a week...AND Disneyland with the parents and baby sister! Can't wait...serioulsy LOVE that place! It's called the happiest place on earth for a reason. Hotel across the street + 3 day hopper pass = pure happiness!!!

February Crafts

Here are a few of the crafts that I created in February:

subway art, spray paint, d.i. frame
dollar tree candles, dollar tree vase, conversation hearts
subway art, d.i. frame
dollar store frame, scrapbook paper, cricut
see previous post on how to make this...

Newest Niece

This is my precious little niece! She's about 2 months old. She was a tiny little thing when she was born. She still is, but she's growing. Cute little girl!

This is on her blessing day. Love her hair!
Another blessing day picture. Just love this facial expression!


Well here are a few of the latest crafts. On Friday night my bestie and I were crafting fools! We seriously created so many crafts. My new goal is to start taking step by step pictures of my crafts. But for now, here are the things that we created.

This one was easy. I found this cute subway art online. Then I downloaded it and printed it from Costco. When finished, I found a cheap frame from D.I. I was planning on spray painting it, but I got lucky and found this cute white frame! I found my one other St. Patty's Day decoration and put them out on my shelf. 
A closer (sideways) look...oops forgot to turn it.
Oops forgot to turn this one too! I am really into the subway art these days. Here is another one that I found online. I downloaded and printed to my favorite place to print photos (costco). Then I found a cheap frame from d.i. and spray painted it this cute shade of blue. Another super easy super cheap craft!

Okay not a great picture. Here are the blocks that I made a few years …

My bestie!

This quote reminded me of my BF!

"It is true that great times do not last forever...but great friends do!!!"

Life would be so hard without good friends. I love spending time with friends. When life is difficult and I feel like I just can't bear it anymore, that's when I know I need a GNO (girls night out)! And that's why this quote reminded me of my BF. No matter how I'm feeling or what I'm going through, she's always there. We can laugh, cry, and scream together no matter what. Life may not always be good, happy times. But I always have my BF to help me get through it!