Well here are a few of the latest crafts. On Friday night my bestie and I were crafting fools! We seriously created so many crafts. My new goal is to start taking step by step pictures of my crafts. But for now, here are the things that we created.

This one was easy. I found this cute subway art online. Then I downloaded it and printed it from Costco. When finished, I found a cheap frame from D.I. I was planning on spray painting it, but I got lucky and found this cute white frame! I found my one other St. Patty's Day decoration and put them out on my shelf. 

A closer (sideways) look...oops forgot to turn it.

Oops forgot to turn this one too! I am really into the subway art these days. Here is another one that I found online. I downloaded and printed to my favorite place to print photos (costco). Then I found a cheap frame from d.i. and spray painted it this cute shade of blue. Another super easy super cheap craft!

Okay not a great picture. Here are the blocks that I made a few years ago with my friend Tiff. One side says spring and the other says summer. Reversible is fun right?? Yes, if you choose good papers. I did not do well on the paper choices here. You can't even tell that there is a "p" in spring. But this was before I really started getting into crafting the way I am now. I was still a beginner when I made this project. Better luck next time! 

I was super excited about this wreath! If you check out pinterest, there are tons of ideas for making wreaths out of plastic easter eggs. Well, we looked at all of the ideas and made it into our own. We went to family dollar (which is just around the corner from where we live so we're there often). We found the cute glitter eggs, the good easter grass, and the spring fling. We found the wreath at dollar tree. All you need is a glue gun and let your creative juices start flowing. We just started glueing and stopped when we were happy with the final product. Hanging it will be the hard part. I tried to use my simple black wreath holder but I could tell the eggs were going to pop off. So I am going to try out this idea from pinterest. (Ofcourse I can't find it now. But you put a command hook upside down on the back of your door. Then you tie ribbon around the top of your wreath. Then you attach the ribbon to the command hook. I'll post pics after I've done this.) I just need to find the perfect ribbon! 

I inherited these from my sister Megan recently. They were used at her wedding. They were all sitting in my parents' storage room. I guess some of them were starting to crack from sitting there for so long. So all the girls in the family inherited them. There are these cute turquoise rocks that go down inside the vase. I forgot to get those from my mom. So as soon as I get those, I'll put them in the vase and find the perfect spot in my house.

I found the idea on pinterest to make a gumball machine. I got the idea from here. But I actually adapted the idea a bit. I bargain shopped for these items and surprisingly found the best deal at Michaels. I bought a terra cot pot and a fish bowl. In the terra cotta pot, I bought a lid that was made for a larger size. It looked better that way. I spray painted the terra cotta pot. I chose white because it's more versatile for lots of holidays. Glue gunned the fish bowl to the upside down terra cotta pot. Then I decided to switch out the ribbon each month. I just switched it out to green for March. And ofcourse I had to find the perfect candy too. In February, I put red cinnamon hearts in there. In March, there are green andes mints. I can't wait for April and all the fun candies I can use! 

This was a dud project. I think I will redo it on my own. I signed up to do this project at my church. I am LDS and each month we have Relief Society Night. There is a committee that plans the night. And you can sign up to make various crafts. I signed up to make this menu board, but it just didn't workout the way I wanted it to. I will use it for something else. And then I will find a larger frame that's more along what I imagined for this menu board. I have a frame that I found at d.i. that just may work. 

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