Spring Wreath...finally finished!

Remember this post?? Well, we finally made it! It's been sittin there for probably like 3 weeks now. Yesterday, we finally decided to make the wreath. We sat down to do it and it went so fast that we wanted to make something else. It turned out so cute!

All you need is a wreath form, various colors of tissue paper, and a gluegun! We used a coffee filter for size. Trace the coffee filter onto the tissue paper for your circles. Then cut out your circles. Once you cut out your circles, grab your tissue paper in the center and sortof crinkle to make it look like a flower. Place glue on wreath and then push center of tissue paper onto desired glue spot. Be careful not to burn yourself. We both burnt ourselves quite a bit! You can use the eraser tip to push down the tissue paper. We found it to be faster just to use our finger (which is probably why we got burnt). You can make it as full as you want. I started out pretty thin. But then kept adding more and more tissue to make it fuller. So make it as you want it! I can't wait to hang it up. I think I'll wait until April because I finally got my Easter wreath hung up yesterday!

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