What to do, what to do...???

You know that feeling in your gut where you know you shouldn't do something?? You want to do it so badly, but that feeling just won't go away??? Well I am feeling that right now. I am supposed to leave for Disneyland tomorrow morning with my parents and little sister. We've been planning this trip for probably about a month now. I've really been looking forward to this, getting out of town and leaving my worries behind for a week. I have been super super excited about going on this trip!!! Disneyland is seriously my favorite place on Earth. I absolutely love that freakin amazin place! But I just keep gettin that feelin that I shouldn't go. I don't know why I need to stay home. But I know what my gut is telling me...that I should stay home! I want to ignore that feeling so badly and just go anyways! But I've ignored it before...and things never turn out well when I ignore it! So I guess I'm stuck home all week with nothing to do. Spring Break and I'm sitting at home?? Yippee! I mean I have plenty to do...grade papers, work on homework for my masters degree, clean my house, organize my house, etc. etc. etc. But I don't want to do any of that during Spring Break! Ugh, why must I feel this way?? I wish this feeling would just go away and I could visit the happiest place on Earth...Disneyland!!!

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