CupShake?? Yes please!

Have you ever eaten some deliciousness at the Sweet Tooth Fairy ?? If you love sweets you will LOVE this place! They are known for their cupcakes but have much more to be tried. The first I ever heard about this amazing place was on Nie Nie's blog . If you don't know Stephanie Nielsen you really should read her story. Amazing woman for sure! Anyways, she often eats at Sweet Tooth Fairy & actually has a cupcake named after her. For quite some time, I enjoyed the cupcakes at this place. That is until I discovered the CupShake! Oh my!!! Drops of heaven in a cup. Choose the cupcake of your choice. And then have it blended with perfectly creamy ice cream into a CupShake! Wow! Talk about amazing. Whenever I need a spirit booster that does it for me! I went and had one of these amazing things tonight...which is why I will not be weighing tomorrow (been tryin to lose weight)!

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