Random Post!

Here is the first of many random posts to come. I am way way behind on my blogging and for that I have to apologize. But my crazy little life has just been too much lately!!! Below are some of the happenings of the last few months. The bigger events will come in new posts over the next few days.

My friend Mandy and I decided to make this cute craft for St. Patty's Day. Turned out super cute. We found cheap frames from the d.i. Then we got a sheet of white cardstock, a strip of ribbon, green paper, and a family pic (she chose one of her kids, I chose one of all the girls in my fam). First cut out the letters on the cricut.We inked the edges to give it a fun effect. Then place the letters, the ribbon, and the pic on your cardstock. (this part took the longest for us - we couldn't decide where to put it). Then choose your adhesive and put everything together. Once you're finished, place it in your frame. Don't do what I did and cut yourself on the super sharp glass when placing in the frame!!!

My garage chose to get stuck. As usual I pressed the automatic opener in my car as I pulled into the driveway. But this time it rolled off the track & got stuck. :( Thanks to my friend Mandy's hubby for fixin it for me!

Frozen t-shirt contest. This YW activity turned out to be a hit! We froze t-shirst ahead of time. Then the girls were each given a shirt. It was a contest to see who could unwrap the frozen t-shirt and put it on the quickest. They surprised us with how quick they were! But they had a blast doing it! 

My friend Mandy's sister-in-law had told her about this cute craft she had made. So we decided it would be fun to make one. This craft is entirely from the dollar store! Basket, green foam, grass, easter eggs etc on a stick. Place foam inside desired basket. Place sticks in foam at desired lengths. Then put grass in as desired to cover up foam.

I've also spent some time watching soccer and baseball games. My friend's kids play. So sometimes I go down with her to watch their games. These are her two little ones that watch the games with us!

 My garage decided to give me problems again. This time I was trying to leave the house and stressed about helping my friend get stuff done for a YW act...and then my garage trapped my car inside and she had to come pick me up. Hopefully I was still a bit of a help to her! Thanks once again to my friend's husband for fixing my garage!

I got to babysit these adorable boys! My sister and her hubby wanted to go out. So I went and took care of her boys for the night. Love these cute boys!

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