Too Many Clothes!

I have quite a few clothes that I've been hanging onto for "when I'm skinny again". Well recently I've been in this dejunkimg my house mood. So I took out all the clothes in these piles and tried them on. I tried them on one item at a time as I watched a show. I started with several piles of clothes and ended with several d.i. bags full of clothes to give away. Why keep what will never fit again?
After bagging up all of these clothes, I realized that I knew someone who was probably just the right size for most of these clothes. So I handed over the bags of clothes to my really good friend, someone who I consider to be my best friend in this world. She scored some really great new shirts, skirts, and capris. She's one lucky girl! She got some of my all-time faves!

I came across this beauty when going through all my clothes. My sisters and I made these shirts a few years ago. Was so excited to find mine...which clearly had been lost for awhile!

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