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Scrabble Craft...

I've wanted to do this craft forever! I finally sat down and did it and it really took no time at all! I found the idea here. She used an old dictionary to add a little flair to the board. I wasn't 100% set on that idea. So for now I left the board blank. But I'm thinking I might modge podge some cute scrapbook paper on there later. What do you think? This was such a cheap craft. I think it totaled maybe like 6 or 7 $$. I bought the magnetic board frame at the d.i. for a total of $4. I bought a bag of scrabble letters for $1 from the d.i. as well. And the magnets for the back of the scrabble pieces I already had. They are handy little things that I had in my classroom. But they can be found here at Lakeshore. They really are the most perfect magnets for this craft! (I could only find the larger size online tonight. My brain is not really working too well. But I know this is where I got them before.) So what do you think? Should I find some cute scrapbok paper or leave it …

Spring Cleaning...finally!

Okay this post totally qualifies me for dork status but I don't care. I should've taken before pics but I was dumb and didn't. I spent the past week working on this messy garage! First I started with the side of my garage that has all of my teaching things. I taught first grade for quite a few years and then this past year got moved to fourth. So all my first grade stuff has been sitting in cardboard boxes in my garage. There were a few things I thought about using this year but had no idea where they were...and I wasn't about to search through every box. So I've been collecting crates from d.i. and bought some nice clear totes on sale right now at Walmart and organized this crazy garage! Mid-July may not have been my best idea to organize the garage...but it feels so good!

Once that was done, I attacked the scary side of the garage. The side of the garage where I have all my holiday decorations and anything I don't know where to store. So I bought some shelve…
This is my dear sweet friend Anne. When I graduated from college, I moved back to Vegas to teach. I met Anne from the singles ward and spent a lot of time with her. She became a great friend to me. WE had some really fun, crazy times! She was just diagnosed with Stage 3B Lung Cancer. I was so shocked when I heard this news. She is an amazing person. She is very active and athletic. She loves to play basketball. She has an amazing personality and loves everyone. I was blown away when I heard of this amazing woman's diagnosis. I just love her and the beautiful person that she is! A fund has been setup to help her pay for the treatments. If you would like to donate to help pay for her treatments, visit this site. Please don't feel like I posted to get your money. It's up to you if you donate to her fund. I just wanted to put a little shout out about my dear sweet friend who is suffering right now! 

Girl's Camp!

Well this past week was girls camp. I didn't get too many good pics because lets face it...MY CAMERA STINKS!!! But a few of the highlights from the week include: olympic events, makeovers, crafts, our pirate skit, Bailey serenading us to her guitar, Lindsi's amazing fireside, 100th year of camp celebration, Minute to Win it games, Bishop Feltner's yummy dutch oven chicken, etc. I'm not really a camper. I don't mind camping, but I do mind being dirty. So I had planned to shower at least once...until we got there and found out we weren't allowed to use the cold showers. Dangit, that sure put a damper on things! But I still had a fun time and got to know these sweet girls so much better! 

Olympic Games

Bailey's Guitar

The Skit

Me & Lindsi

Our Cake for the 100th year celebration...expanded with the altitude so not my best

A serious moment as the girls found and discussed their "stars"

Part of Lindsi's fireside

Minute to Win It Games

Tinkerbell Bday Party!

My best friend's little girl just turned 6! She wanted to throw her a Tinkerbell party and asked me to help her out. It was stressful putting it all togehter and trying to find the right day to do it so that everyone could come. It was so much fun though. We turned them into fairies by giving them fairy wings, fairy tutus, sprinkling pixey dust on them,  putting sparkly lip gloss on them, painting their nails, etc. We played some fun little games and I think the girls had a blast. I didn't get many pics but seriously these little girls were stinkin adorable! 


My two friends Kim & Sara came for a visit. They called me and said that they wanted to see Aladdin. We couldn't find tickets together, but they really wanted to come that weekend. So we sat apart, which really wasn't very fun. And it was windy, so we weren't able to see the 3D parts of the show. I think it was the first show at Tuacahn that I didn't enjoy so much. The Magic Carpet Ride was pretty amazing though!  And we had lots of fun the next day. We went shopping and went to lunch at the yummy Pizza Factory! After lunch, we went behind the restaurant and took some pics. I really need to lose weight. I look awful in all the pictures! It was a fun weekend though. :)

Stars & Stripes Forever!

I've been itching to make a craft. And I got to make 2 crafts recently. The first craft was a pretty simple one. Beans in a jar to resemble a flag. Attempt #1 wasn't so great. I didn't do the beans very evenly. So I redid it with a new idea. First two pics are attempt #1, second two pics are attmept #2. The second craft is one that I did at Relief Society Night. 2x4 wood blocks, paint, and metal star. Pretty dang easy. Now I have a little holiday spirit in my house. :)


I have wanted to try to make fondant for a really long time! But I've been afraid of messing it up. Well my friend was behind on birthday cakes, so we worked together to make these fondant cakes. Cake #1 was a bowling cake for her son. Cake #2 was a nerf cake for another son. And Cake #3 was a tinkerbell cake for the birthday girl. Here are our cake attempts! (Don't look too closely at the tinkerbell was really really hard to make!)