Scrabble Craft...

I've wanted to do this craft forever! I finally sat down and did it and it really took no time at all! I found the idea here. She used an old dictionary to add a little flair to the board. I wasn't 100% set on that idea. So for now I left the board blank. But I'm thinking I might modge podge some cute scrapbook paper on there later. What do you think? This was such a cheap craft. I think it totaled maybe like 6 or 7 $$. I bought the magnetic board frame at the d.i. for a total of $4. I bought a bag of scrabble letters for $1 from the d.i. as well. And the magnets for the back of the scrabble pieces I already had. They are handy little things that I had in my classroom. But they can be found here at Lakeshore. They really are the most perfect magnets for this craft! (I could only find the larger size online tonight. My brain is not really working too well. But I know this is where I got them before.) So what do you think? Should I find some cute scrapbok paper or leave it as is?? Please give me your opinions!!!

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