Spring Cleaning...finally!

Okay this post totally qualifies me for dork status but I don't care. I should've taken before pics but I was dumb and didn't. I spent the past week working on this messy garage! First I started with the side of my garage that has all of my teaching things. I taught first grade for quite a few years and then this past year got moved to fourth. So all my first grade stuff has been sitting in cardboard boxes in my garage. There were a few things I thought about using this year but had no idea where they were...and I wasn't about to search through every box. So I've been collecting crates from d.i. and bought some nice clear totes on sale right now at Walmart and organized this crazy garage! Mid-July may not have been my best idea to organize the garage...but it feels so good!

Once that was done, I attacked the scary side of the garage. The side of the garage where I have all my holiday decorations and anything I don't know where to store. So I bought some shelves for that side of the garage and went to work. That side of the garage was even harder because some of this stuff I wasn't sure what to do with. But it is now organized and looking beautiful! I also had some totes sitting in my kitchen that were in my mom's basement and she wanted out of her way. So I went through those and figured out where to put all of that.

So lets just say... I have one very organized garage...and d.i. scored some great stuff. Two trips to d.i. to drop off stuff on Saturday! And with all this "spring" cleaning, I was motivated to organize the rest of my house. My house looks AMAZING right now!!! Lets see how long it lasts lol...if I only you only had to do this once and then it always stayed nice. I WISH!!!

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