This is my dear sweet friend Anne. When I graduated from college, I moved back to Vegas to teach. I met Anne from the singles ward and spent a lot of time with her. She became a great friend to me. WE had some really fun, crazy times! She was just diagnosed with Stage 3B Lung Cancer. I was so shocked when I heard this news. She is an amazing person. She is very active and athletic. She loves to play basketball. She has an amazing personality and loves everyone. I was blown away when I heard of this amazing woman's diagnosis. I just love her and the beautiful person that she is! A fund has been setup to help her pay for the treatments. If you would like to donate to help pay for her treatments, visit this site. Please don't feel like I posted to get your money. It's up to you if you donate to her fund. I just wanted to put a little shout out about my dear sweet friend who is suffering right now! 

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