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Game Night

Ever played this game before?? If you haven't...I suggest you do! I played this game tonight with a friend and I forgot how much fun it is! Ofcourse, she kicks my trash every time. But this time it was a pretty close game. Okay not that close...but closer than usual. One day I will beat her!!! For now...I'll keep playing because it's REALLY REALLY FUN!!! Thanks for a fun night. :)

I love my family!

Can I just say how much I love and adore everyone in this picture?? I LOVE MY FAMILY!! I don't think I say it enough, but I seriously love them and the support they give me so much. This is an old picture so we're missing Miss Maliya (my absolutely adorable niece). But I haven't seen our most recent pictures...hopefully I'll get to see them soon! :) I hope that everyone reading this is as blessed as I am in the family department. Mine is amazing!!!! :)

Sunday Stealing

Stole this from Sunday Stealing! It's from back in August but that's okay. I could use a mindless little game tonight!! :)

1. You have been awarded the time off from work and an all-expenses paid week anywhere in the United States. The catch is that it must be somewhere you have not been before. Where do you choose to visit?I was going to say Hawaii but I've been there. I've only been on the big island of Kona though. So I'd love to visit another island like Maui or Oahu.

2. Name three of your guilty pleasures.(1) Diet Pepsi with Mango; (2) Air popped popcorn with lots of butter; (3) Laying in my bed watching reruns of either Gilmore Girls or Grey's Anatomy.

3. The best kind of Girl Scout Cookie is:Samoas ofcourse. I really loved the Lemon Cremes...but ofcourse they stopped making those!

4. What do you value most in other people?Honesty and Respect for others' feelings
5. Be honest. Do you sneak some raw cookie dough when you’re baking cookies?Ofcourse!! The co…

Fall Leaves

Isn't this a beauty? This is a glimpse into what I got to see last weekend in Grand Junction, Colorado!

Temple Dedication

I had the opportunity to attend the broadcast of the Brigham City LDS temple dedication today. And life was giving me every reason in the world not to go. There were three sessions and I ended up attending the very last session by slipping in the door at the very last minute. I was so glad that I was there. The spirit was so strong while I was there! What a beautiful experience. That is the 3rd temple dedication that I was able to attend in my life (or maybe the 4th...). What an amazing experience that is every single time! That was exactly what I needed in my life right now. I have sortof been pushing the spirit away in my life lately...for reasons that I'll explain later. But this experience was exactly what I needed to get my going again! I am so blessed to have been able to experience this today. :)

In one of those moods...

Whoever reads this, please don't take offense. I am just really lonely and need to get my thoughts out somewhere. I LOVE EVERYONE IN MY LIFE!!!

Have you ever been in one of those moods where you're simply down and depressed about EVERYTHING?? Well that's been me lately! I just feel so sad and upset about everything. And it doesn't help that I'm dealing with some pretty serious trials right now. And the worst part is that I feel like I have nobody to turn to! I just need someone, a close friend who will just sit and listen...and tell me that everything will be okay. I don't need advice or someone to give me advice or tell me what to do. Just someone who genuinely cares about me as a friend and shows that in their listening ear. But I just feel like I have nobody right now!

I feel so lost and confused in my life right now. I've reached sortof a wierd spot. Although I'm single, I don't feel that I fit in with the single crowd anymore. I have a career; …

A Super Special Surprise...

Well, well, well...I'm sure glad that I finally got to find out about a super special surprise this last weekend. My sister Lynnie has been telling us for months that she wants us all to come out and visit in September. I remember back in February we were visiting. They took us to show us this "lot" they had purchased. At the time, they said in a few years they were going to start thinking about building. And while at the lot, they said they'd love everyone to come visit in September. At the time I thought it seemed kindof wierd. But I really didn't think too much of it.
As time grew closer, it came time to decide if I would be going to Colorado. I knew there was some big surprise. And Lynnie had told me the big surprise had to do with her kids and that I'd be so excited that I was there. How could I say no to that??? Well, I had determined that they must be adopting. Why else would they want us to come on a particular weekend? They were adopting a child and…

Random Q's

Stole this from a friend! 

Why do you think so many people cheat? Oh, who knows??

Tell me what’s on your mind? Wishing I could sleep. If only this head cold would go away...

What are you looking forward to in the next three months? Excited for our big family Thanksgiving this year!! Excited for the freakishly HOT temperatures of St. George to cool off. Excited for my favorite time of year...FALL!!...just wish it would last longer here. Excited to get to know my students better and see their progress in reading and writing. :)

Have you ever worn the opposite sex’s clothing?   Yep.

When did you last talk to your BFF?   Was texting a little bit ago, talked to her in person a few hours ago.

When is your next road trip? A weekend trip later this month to see my sis in Coloroda! A secret trip...she won't tell us why she wants us there. I'm anxious to find out!

Do you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell anything to?   Um...I have in the past. But not currently.

How’s your heart? I…

Cute Little Helpers :)

So I had fun today! These two little ones were begging their mom to come mop my floors. So I was happy to floors needed it bad!!! They spent quite awhile mopping. And when they were done they wanted to vacumm. I was happy to let them do that too. My house (well downstairs anyways) looks great now! And I figured while they were here, I met as well have them help me with a project that I've been trying to work on for a few weeks now. I've been SO READY for FALL!!! Here in lovely St. George it's still in the 90's so it's not coming anytime soon. But I took down all my summer decor and decorated for Halloween. Okay, I know. It's barely September. But I don't care!! I love putting up my Halloween decor so why not put it up now?? Go ahead, judge me. But keeping up my summer decor is just reminds me of how HOT it still is outside!!
Pictures to camera sucks! 
My cute little helpers...
 Some of my Halloween decor...