A Super Special Surprise...

Well, well, well...I'm sure glad that I finally got to find out about a super special surprise this last weekend. My sister Lynnie has been telling us for months that she wants us all to come out and visit in September. I remember back in February we were visiting. They took us to show us this "lot" they had purchased. At the time, they said in a few years they were going to start thinking about building. And while at the lot, they said they'd love everyone to come visit in September. At the time I thought it seemed kindof wierd. But I really didn't think too much of it.

As time grew closer, it came time to decide if I would be going to Colorado. I knew there was some big surprise. And Lynnie had told me the big surprise had to do with her kids and that I'd be so excited that I was there. How could I say no to that??? Well, I had determined that they must be adopting. Why else would they want us to come on a particular weekend? They were adopting a child and the child would be showing up on that weekend. Makes sense right?? Well, yes it does. BUT....that is NOT the surprise at all!!! But I am super glad that I was able to be there. 

I traveled with my parents and we arrived in Colorado on Friday night. As soon as we got there, we sat and visited for awhile. Finally, I just couldn't take it anymore!!! So asked my sister "WHEN" do we get to see/hear/find out what the surprise is! Do you know what she told me?? We'll do the surprise tomorrow night. Really?? I've waited for months and you're going to make me wait for another 24 hours??? I am just NOT going to be able to sleep!!! I sorta figured she'd say that...but still...I was dying at this point!!! 

So Saturday morning we got up and went hiking along this "river" that had dried up. It was still fun anyways. But it was quite the workout for this girl who is TOTALLY OUT OF SHAPE!!! And I volunteered myself to carry my adorable little niece for part of the time. Ofcourse I wanted to hold the little sweetie. But holding her, made me have to work even harder. It was a fun hike, At the end of the hike was this pool of dirt water, and the big boys (my bro-in-law and dad) started throwing rocks into it. So ofcourse Cole wanted to do the same. He had a blast throwing rocks into the water...even if most of his rocks didn't even come near the water. 

After the hike, we decided since it was "Parade of Homes" weekend, it would be fun to check it out. My sister and her hubby know a builder who offered to give them half-price tickets. So we had to head out to that house first. We thought we might head out there and then go get some lunch before going to the rest of the houses. So we went to this house and it was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL house!!! But when we pulled up we noticed our friend Phil Crenshaw's truck. We thought that was crazy that he was there. He is my parents' neighbor in St. George who does sound systems. (P.S. We are all really guilable in my family) But we thought, oh cool he must have done the sound system in this house. So anyways, we toured the house and thought it was absolutely amazing!!! I have always loved parade of homes. I go every year and dream about these amazing homes that I'll never have. A girl can dream right??? 

Anyways, we had a great time touring this house. There were some ABSOLUTELY AMAZING features about this house such as "Joel's lookout", "Joel's secret room", the master shower, the theater room, and the textured paint...to name a few! At the end of the tour, we were headed out to the cars. It was lunch time, Maliya was screaming because she was tired... and then my sister says "well we thought if Maliya could handle it, we'd do the surprise right now". Well I thought: "How can I say no but is she kidding?? Maliya is freaking out right now...and we're seriously going to do the surprise???" At that point, my bro-in-law starts recording as my sister tells us to turn around and look at the house. That is our house. We've been building for the last year and keeping this a secret from you guys. What?? Is she serious?? And being the freak that I am I start crying!!! This absolutely gorgeous house belongs to you? Wow!!! So then we had to go through the house again! We would ofcourse be going through the house with different eyes this second time around. And seriously the house looked even better the second time. It was a much slower tour than the first one. We looked carefully at everything and got to hear details on how it all came together. Wow!!!

After that, we enjoyed our day doing other fun stuff. Ofcourse nothing compared to that wonderful surprise. But it was fun spending time together and hearing all about how they pulled this all together. Oh and p.s. the "lot" they showed us in February was a FAKE! It was on the same block...but their house was already being built. So they showed us a fake since we knew they had bought land and wanted to see it. Sneaky, sneaky! We spent the rest of the weekend just hanging out, taking a drive up the canyon for some beautiful scenery and a fun little walk, seeing the house some more, playing at the old house, being entertained by Cole, holding sweet little Maliya, and just enjoying each other's company! 

A few of my Cole favorites this weekend: (They may not sound as cute in writing but they were seriously adorable) Keep in Mind--he's 2!

Hey mom Hey dad I'm done sleeping!
Hey Mandi
Need Help (when he couldn't force me to move...he needed my help to move me)
Move It
Come On (and he grabs your little finger to take you with him)

Okay, doesn't sound that cute but...he repeats everything you say and it's adorble...he seriously had me laughing all weekend long!!! 

Okay here are a few pics. My camera sucks so they're not great...

ready for our morning hike by the river

excited little hiker!

me and cutie pie

Phil's truck lol

the house! 

All of us in front of the house

happy little miss...she has the cutest smile ever!! 

Cole decided he'd drive home! 

Isn't that gorgeous? Get a few reds in there and it'd be perfect. I love orange and red fall leaves! 

So more absolute beauty

the fireplace

super comfy chair...grandma and Maliya

look at that cute girl! 

This shower is amazing. First of all there's a remote that saves all of your settings. Second of all, there are 3 or 4 different sprayers in that shower. Wow, amazing! I need that shower!!! 

Master Closet...I know this pic is boring. But I've always been impressed by these nice closets with washer/dryer/ironing board/seating in them. Not yet...but wow when they get them in there! 

Miss Maliya in her room! Her room and bathroom are adorable. I love her cool painted walls. Didn't get a pic of that. 

She was being super cuddly. :)

Cole at the bottom of his slide. P.S. I DID try out the slide! Super fun!! :)

I shouldn't even post this picture because it's so bad. But this is the amazing theater room with the 3D projector. Super amazing!! 

I could post so many more pics...but I'll stop there. You get the point...they're house is amazing. Good for them...they totaly deserve it! They've worked super hard to get to this point. I'm really happy for them. :)

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