Cute Little Helpers :)

So I had fun today! These two little ones were begging their mom to come mop my floors. So I was happy to floors needed it bad!!! They spent quite awhile mopping. And when they were done they wanted to vacumm. I was happy to let them do that too. My house (well downstairs anyways) looks great now! And I figured while they were here, I met as well have them help me with a project that I've been trying to work on for a few weeks now. I've been SO READY for FALL!!! Here in lovely St. George it's still in the 90's so it's not coming anytime soon. But I took down all my summer decor and decorated for Halloween. Okay, I know. It's barely September. But I don't care!! I love putting up my Halloween decor so why not put it up now?? Go ahead, judge me. But keeping up my summer decor is just reminds me of how HOT it still is outside!!

Pictures to camera sucks! 

My cute little helpers...

 Some of my Halloween decor...

The fun frame that I made last year...

My poor, sad gumball machine. I took off the summer ribbon, and took off the lid, in hopes to eat up the candy and put something new in it. I need to find Halloween/Fall ribbon...and orange candies?? Ideas??

My cute little vacummer...his sister was supervising in the background :)

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