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33?? Say what?? I'm getting old!

Well last Saturday (October 27th) was my 33rd birthday. 33! Wow! I'm sure gettin old...oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Luckily I had an excellent birthday week. It started the previous Friday (Oct. 19) when the Gandalos took me to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Then I got to go on a date on Monday (Oct. 22). It was a super great date by the way. That was a great start to birthday week. Then I had my Halloween party with my students. We had the Teacher Chili Cookoff at work. Each teacher cooked chili. The students could buy the chili and then fill out a report card. The winning teacher gets a free day off...would be nice! It was also the 'Fabulous Friday' at my ward. So I went to that and made two super cute crafts. (See the previous post for pics of the crafts.) My brother Kenny came to visit! My sister Kayla came to visit! I got to go to the St. George Halloween Carnival at Town Square on my actual birthday with my parents, Ken, Kay, Meg & fun! Yummy birthday dinner (ch…

Monday morning anyone?

The tow truck driver was not happy to be getting his picture taken lol...
Well the picture above is documentation of how my day started out. What a way to start a Monday morning! I hate Monday mornings anyways...and then this happens! I mean Mondays are hard enough already after the weekend. I never can get up on Monday mornings. But I finally get myself up and get going, I pick up my two carpool girls (Tiff & Rebecca), and we're on our way. We have quite the drive, so we drive the freeway part of the time, then up over this hill (turtle road), then SC pkwy the rest of the way. So I start to exit the freeway and my cars gets stuck at 60 mph..won't slow down, won't speed up. I say to the girls: "there's something wrong with my car". And then my car stop...without warn. Thanks to no warning I am not in a good spot and I am unable to pull over. So I turn on my flashers but I'm really worried that they won't help. In this spot where we're stuck c…

Witches Night Out

What a fun night!!! My amazing friend Nadine (see green witch below) who I used to work with at SC planned a witch party at her house. I thought that sounded like fun. So I threw on my witch costume and headed on over to Nadine's house. I did not realize how much fun this would be. There were a whole bunch of witches already there. When you walked in the door you had to choose a witch name and write it on a name tag. Then there were witch potions, witch foods, and just plain old witch fun. We got to mix our own witch drink potions. I chose 'luck and money' and 'love' and mixed them together. Made for a yummy drink...lets just hope it worked lol! 
So we hung out and ate yummy food for ahwile. Then we walked the "cat walk" out back. Nadine had gotten all sorts of sticks and things and made a giant broom. So we each took our turn with the broom walking the cat walk. After lots of fun and games, we headed out. 'Witches Night Out' at Iceberg! Now that…

Happy Birthday Aunt Mandi!

I know the picture is super blurry...but I just had to share. Yesterday was my birthday. I had lots of fun spending it with my family. And come present time, I got this cute thing. My sister's two cute little boys decorated this hot cocoa mug for me. Isn't that cute? Can't wait for cooler weather so I can pull out the Cocomotion and start drinking lots of hot cocoa in this cute thing!!! 


I just couldn't help but share. I stole this pic of my bro-in-law of his cute kids. Aren't they adorable??? I truly love these stinkin adorable kids so much!!!! These are the cute kids who I got to spend my Fall Break with last week! I've wanted my own kids for so long...but it has not been in the cards for me. So I'm really grateful to each of my siblings for having such adorable babies for me to cuddle with, play with, just be with...and just love. I am one blessed aunt. I truly think....I'M THE LUCKIEST AUNT IN THIS WHOLE WORLD!!!!! 

Fabulous Friday!!

This past Friday my ward had the annual Fabulous Friday craft night. I always look forward to attending these! This was as always a fun night. It actually started out at Vista (where I work). We had a teacher chili cookoff. Each teacher cooked a chili and the students got to judge out chili on a report card. Whoever gets the best grade gets a day off. I'm hoping for a day off...would be nice to sleep in for  once and get a few things done around the house. And it was really fun. I was serving right next to Mrs. Snow. We were taking turns serving for each other. Then the other would go dish up sample cups of other teachers. And we would share those cups and taste all the chilis. They were all so good!!! 
After finishing up there, I headed to my church house. At my church house I made two crafts (as opposed to last year when I signed up for like 8 crafts lol). I made this cute little 'trick or treat' sign and then this 'xmas tool wreath'. Both turned out super cute.…

Colorado or Bust!

Last summer (July) I was supposed to visity my sister Lynnie in Colorado. Plans fell through and didn't work out so we decided I'd visit during Fall BReak...which felt like forever away at the time. But fall break finally happened last week. I was able to drive out last Wednesday (0ct. 17) after work and get there super late...long story that I should tell later. Then we had Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and most of Sunday to do whatever we wanted!! Lets just say there was lots of crafting, lots of Cole/Mandi time, lots of sister time, some good movie nights in the theater, some great Maliya/Mandi time, some amazing showers, some fun outings, me making a wedding cake...and LOADS OF FUN!!!
Thanks to Pinterest we made these...Lyn wasn't able to finish hers yet...but I've wanted to make these great things forever...I'll change out the signs with each holiday
These were super fun to make. Once again, thanks to pinterest. But we discovered that the link was bad. So we lo…

Dating Again??

I forgot how complicated and how many ups and downs there were to dating. It's been over 5 years since I've dated anyone. I've experienced a lot of heart break...and at a certain time in my life I swore off men and decided I was done with it all. But things have recently changed. And now that I started dating again, I've realized how many highs and lows there are. Dating is scary! One minute I'm on a low and the next I'm on a high. Will he call me? Will he not call me? Will he ask me out again? Will he not ask me out again? Why hasn't he called? Does he like me? Does he not like me? etc. etc. etc. ..... So many questions in my mind. So many things that I keep wondering. 
And I keep forgetting that it is scary and hard in the beginning stages of dating. I need to just have fun with it and see where it goes. I used to be really good at that. I used to love dating and all that the fun that involved with it. But I'm old now...and dating is hard at my age! …

Boggle Board!

My "boggle" board
the boggle letters
I am so excited about this!!! Back in the summer I saw that some other teachers on Pinterest were pinning Boggle boards that they had made for their classrooms. I thought that was a great idea and I pinned a few different boggle board ideas. But at the time I was unmotivated to actually make the board. And then school started and I kept thinking how I wanted to make it and just didn't really have the time to actually do it. And then the other day a teacher across the hall came into my room. He told me he was going to make a Boggle board and wanted my help since I'm crafty and can help him make it look better. So I figured if I was helping him I might as well make one myself. So I made this cute's the teacher who I got the idea from here. I printed the letters and laminated them. I will put velcro on the back so I can switch out the letters each week.This should be a super fun activity for those early finishers!!!…

Girl's Craft Night!

Well I had a Friday night girl's craft night last night. I haven't had one of those in a long time. Wow, that was fun. I've really missed those!!

We made 1 1/2 crafts. It was loads of fun. The first craft was super easy...5x7 frames, window clings, black ribbon...all from the dollar store! We put the window clings on the glass of the frames, then use ribbon and hot glue to put the frames together. That was a way way easy craft!!! The second craft is still in progress because we were a little stumped.

We got this plastic, silver plate/platters. Then we cut out cirlcles in halloween colored scrapbook paper, then we used vinyl to cut letters for the word BOO. Where we're stumped to attach. We used ribbon on the how could we make this different?? We had a few ideas...but weren't sure we loved any of them. We originally found the idea on Pinterest...and ofcourse neither of us could find it to see how they did it.

And while there I also got my toes pa…

Forgiveness Changes Lives

I'm not sure how to even start this post. But this has to be said! Last week I hurt someone deeply...someone who I consider to be a best friend. And I hurt her by doing something that I didn't even realize at the time was a mistake. I was devastated when I realized what I'd done wrong and how badly I hurt this person. This person has been such an asset to my life and has been such a great influence in my life. I love her like a sister and would never ever want to hurt her. But last week I realized how badly words can hurt people. Not that I didn't know this before. I've been hurt ALOT in my life. But this time I was on the other end. I was the one doing the hurting. When I realized that I had lost this person in my  life I was so upset. I was so mad at myself for being stupid. I just wished that I could go back in time and change it. How could I make such a mistake??? What seem like such a little thing could hurt someone so badly! I went through about a week of no…

Morning Run Gone Wrong...

WOW!  The scariest thing happened this morning on my run (luckily I run in a pretty big group)!! We were just out running and we were running up the hill. Then we notice this car driving really slow and they drive into the loop where we run and they park. So we thought, we'll just have to make sure we all stay together on the loop today. Then as we are turning the corner the van goes shooting past us. The van head up the dirt road (that you're not supposed to drive on) and parks up in the dirt by the freeway. (Totaly freaked out at this point) So we keep running and we're getting close to running past the first car. As we get near we notice there is someone just sitting in the car...what is he waiting for? All of the absolute worst thing start running through our minds and our mouths. I just couldn't take it any longer. I took off in a sprint and have never run that fast in my life. Lets hope I can run that fast for my race in November lol!!! Anways, we finished up ou…


I LOVE this quote! Makes me happy!! I'm an this quote makes me feel smart. (whether I really am or not lol)

Sunday Stealing

Sunday Stealing
41. WHAT ARE YOUR NICKNAMES? Mando, Mando Commando, Mander

42. WHAT CAR DO YOU DRIVE?: Nissan Versa

43. BEST DATE YOU'VE EVER BEEN ON? Hmmm...gosh that's hard to say!! I dated a ton back in the day. But it's been a long time. I'd have to say that the best date I ever went on I just can't decide!!! There are too many good ones. I dated some pretty great guys who took me on some pretty great dates.

44. WHAT HAPPENED THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? A really close friend hurt me.

45. LONGEST SHIFT YOU HAVE WORKED AT A JOB? WHAT WAS THE JOB? Well my current job (teacher) I work pretty long hours and take work home with me. But the longest shift at your normal everyday job was just your average I guess.

46. FAVORITE MOVIE? Just saw The Lucky One last night...loved it :)

47. WHEN WAS THELAST TIME YOU SANG IN PUBLIC? WHAT DID YOU SING? I don't know. I used to sing in a church choir but it's been a really long time.


I. Am. A. Bunco. Babe.

September was such a crazy week that we had Bunco two weeks late!! How crazy!! By the time it got here, it felt like it had been months. I love my Bunco Babes!! They are the BEST ladies...and so much fun! So I was excited to head to Bunco, eat Deb's yummy salad, and play Bunco. Before I continue this post I need to tell you that it has been my goal ever since I joined this amazing group of ladies to win "most buncos" which is also the top prize. I try every month...and every month I tell my friend who is also a bunco babe: "this is my month". And every month I find out: "this is NOT my month". But this month really was my month!! I got it. Woohoo!! Kohls gift card for $25 baby!! Woohoo!! I was so stoked to get this prize. Ya baby. Now, don't think that will stop me from continuing to try. But I have finally made my goal and gotten that prize. And since we did bunco so late last month, there were only two weeks between Sept. Bunco & Oct. Bunco…

Overactive Mind...

Ever totally worked something up in your mind so that you expected only the absolute worst could happen?? Well that happened to me this week. I was sure that I was getting fired from my job. There's a  lot going on at work and I totally had it worked up in my mind that I was getting fired. I had a meeting with my boss scheduled for Thursday. So I spent the entire week worrying about what the meeting was about. I ofcourse only expected the absolute worst. So I was totally prepared to pack up my classroom and be out of the job that day. In fact, I did not sleep the entire week! By Thursday I was so exhausted that I was Sorry for those of you that had to be around me! Needless to say...I still have a job and my job was never on the line. And I slept a ton this weekend!!!! It is now Sunday night...and I'm planning to have a much better week next week. A little less worry. A little less heartache. And a little less reading into things that aren't there lol. 
This …

Lessons from this WEEK...

What I've learned this week:
Those you trust the most, will hurt you the most!Those you care about, won't always care about you back.When when you're hurting and really need a friend, you'll realize who your true friends really are.When you're in your deepest, darkest hour...the only person that you can rely on is YOURSELF!!!Life really hurts sometimes. You have to find a way to get through it.You have to learn to love yourself so that the hard times aren't quite as hard.Life is really LONELY sometimes!!You need to stay true to yourself no matter what happens in your life. If you don't stand up for yourself, nobody will!Don't allow yourself to make decisions based on someone else. Think of yourself; protect yourself.Don't allow someone who doesn't consider your feelings to affect your life; they're not worth it!YOU ARE IMPORTANT!LOVE YOURSELF!TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!THINK LONG AND HARD ABOUT HOW A DECISION WILL AFFECT YOU...YOU ARE THE ONE WHO…