Boggle Board!

My "boggle" board

the boggle letters

I am so excited about this!!! Back in the summer I saw that some other teachers on Pinterest were pinning Boggle boards that they had made for their classrooms. I thought that was a great idea and I pinned a few different boggle board ideas. But at the time I was unmotivated to actually make the board. And then school started and I kept thinking how I wanted to make it and just didn't really have the time to actually do it. And then the other day a teacher across the hall came into my room. He told me he was going to make a Boggle board and wanted my help since I'm crafty and can help him make it look better. So I figured if I was helping him I might as well make one myself. So I made this cute's the teacher who I got the idea from here. I printed the letters and laminated them. I will put velcro on the back so I can switch out the letters each week.This should be a super fun activity for those early finishers!!! And even better....there will be a prize every Friday. Either longest word, most creative word, most words, etc...

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