Colorado or Bust!

Last summer (July) I was supposed to visity my sister Lynnie in Colorado. Plans fell through and didn't work out so we decided I'd visit during Fall BReak...which felt like forever away at the time. But fall break finally happened last week. I was able to drive out last Wednesday (0ct. 17) after work and get there super late...long story that I should tell later. Then we had Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and most of Sunday to do whatever we wanted!! Lets just say there was lots of crafting, lots of Cole/Mandi time, lots of sister time, some good movie nights in the theater, some great Maliya/Mandi time, some amazing showers, some fun outings, me making a wedding cake...and LOADS OF FUN!!!

Thanks to Pinterest we made these...Lyn wasn't able to finish hers yet...but I've wanted to make these great things forever...I'll change out the signs with each holiday

These were super fun to make. Once again, thanks to pinterest. But we discovered that the link was bad. So we looked at the picture and then went at it and did our own thing. 

Birthday Dinner!! Since my birthday was coming up soon, The Gandolas decided to take me out to dinner. We ended up going to Texas Roadhouse. Poor Maliya was far past her bedtime and struggling. But we made it and I think we all had a great time. Cole ofcourse made some new friends in the next booth over. :)

I had bought this potato head for Cole. When I bought it I thought it was a Mr. Potato Head toy. But after giving it to Cole, realized it was for a pumpkin. So we placed it on Cole's pumpkin. Isn't it cute??

We all carved a pumpkin. Mine is the little sleepy one. I didn't really realize I had made a sleepy mouth until Cole looked at my pumpkin and said "tired"

Lots of time with these adorable kids! They are such cuties with adorable personalities. Every morning Cole would crawl into my bed and say "Mandi I woke up. Lets go play now!" Good thing I'm not good at sleeping in anymore, so it wasn't a big deal.

I got to help with this wedding cake. This bride's poor mother was making the cake and needed a few tips. Once she found out I had some cake decorating experience, she put me to work. She was in the middle of the cake and stressed, so I tried to help her as best as I could. It turned out a little lopsided, but for what we had to work with pretty good. I'll have to give her a different frosting recipe for next time! :)

Look at that cute girl! LOVE HER!!!! My little sweetheart. :)

A greeting on my bedroom sweet

This cute kid...the one who woke me up every morning! 

LOL...the shower! If you've never used a shower like this, I highly suggest it. Oh was so hard to get out of this shower. I took entirely too long showers! With shower heads coming at me from every direction, I was seriously in HEAVEN!!! 

Thanks for an amazing weekend Gandolas! Love you guys! 

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