Fabulous Friday!!

This past Friday my ward had the annual Fabulous Friday craft night. I always look forward to attending these! This was as always a fun night. It actually started out at Vista (where I work). We had a teacher chili cookoff. Each teacher cooked a chili and the students got to judge out chili on a report card. Whoever gets the best grade gets a day off. I'm hoping for a day off...would be nice to sleep in for  once and get a few things done around the house. And it was really fun. I was serving right next to Mrs. Snow. We were taking turns serving for each other. Then the other would go dish up sample cups of other teachers. And we would share those cups and taste all the chilis. They were all so good!!! 

After finishing up there, I headed to my church house. At my church house I made two crafts (as opposed to last year when I signed up for like 8 crafts lol). I made this cute little 'trick or treat' sign and then this 'xmas tool wreath'. Both turned out super cute. And it's always fun to sit and visit while doing crafts. My mom and Kay had signed up for a wreath too. So they came and put together wreaths and visited. Then they left and I visited with some other of the fun girls in my ward. 

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