Girl's Craft Night!

Well I had a Friday night girl's craft night last night. I haven't had one of those in a long time. Wow, that was fun. I've really missed those!!

We made 1 1/2 crafts. It was loads of fun. The first craft was super easy...5x7 frames, window clings, black ribbon...all from the dollar store! We put the window clings on the glass of the frames, then use ribbon and hot glue to put the frames together. That was a way way easy craft!!! The second craft is still in progress because we were a little stumped.

We got this plastic, silver plate/platters. Then we cut out cirlcles in halloween colored scrapbook paper, then we used vinyl to cut letters for the word BOO. Where we're stumped to attach. We used ribbon on the how could we make this different?? We had a few ideas...but weren't sure we loved any of them. We originally found the idea on Pinterest...and ofcourse neither of us could find it to see how they did it.

And while there I also got my toes painted by a cute little 4 year old boy. He has a pretty steady hand...a lot steadier than my own! But then his 6 year old sister painted over the top...she's not as steady as him! But they needed a good painting. :)

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