I. Am. A. Bunco. Babe.

September was such a crazy week that we had Bunco two weeks late!! How crazy!! By the time it got here, it felt like it had been months. I love my Bunco Babes!! They are the BEST ladies...and so much fun! So I was excited to head to Bunco, eat Deb's yummy salad, and play Bunco. Before I continue this post I need to tell you that it has been my goal ever since I joined this amazing group of ladies to win "most buncos" which is also the top prize. I try every month...and every month I tell my friend who is also a bunco babe: "this is my month". And every month I find out: "this is NOT my month". But this month really was my month!! I got it. Woohoo!! Kohls gift card for $25 baby!! Woohoo!! I was so stoked to get this prize. Ya baby. Now, don't think that will stop me from continuing to try. But I have finally made my goal and gotten that prize. And since we did bunco so late last month, there were only two weeks between Sept. Bunco & Oct. Bunco. So off to Bunco I go this Thursday! We'll see what I win this month :) Thanks for reading!!!

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