Monday morning anyone?

The tow truck driver was not happy to be getting his picture taken lol...

Well the picture above is documentation of how my day started out. What a way to start a Monday morning! I hate Monday mornings anyways...and then this happens! I mean Mondays are hard enough already after the weekend. I never can get up on Monday mornings. But I finally get myself up and get going, I pick up my two carpool girls (Tiff & Rebecca), and we're on our way. We have quite the drive, so we drive the freeway part of the time, then up over this hill (turtle road), then SC pkwy the rest of the way. So I start to exit the freeway and my cars gets stuck at 60 mph..won't slow down, won't speed up. I say to the girls: "there's something wrong with my car". And then my car stop...without warn. Thanks to no warning I am not in a good spot and I am unable to pull over. So I turn on my flashers but I'm really worried that they won't help. In this spot where we're stuck cars go whipping around the corner far faster than they should. So we're certain that someone will hit us. 

I immediately get on the phone with my roadside assistance. Rebecca calls her husband for a ride to work. Then a cop shows up to help us. So he helps us push the car off to the side of the rode. He leaves and Rebecca's husband shows up. Rebecca did not realize that if her husband picked her and Tiff up, I'd be stuck by myself. I was fine; I've done this before. But they felt bad leaving me, so they sent him on his way. Then the three of us are all standing out in the cold waiting for the truck. We realized that we're all wearing dresses standing out in the we hop in the car to wait! Thank heavens, the tow truck showed up pretty quickly. He starts to load up my car, cracks jokes, and make light of the situation. I really needed that because I had already cried once this morning...I did not need to cry again! I'm not sure if it was lack of sleep or the fact that I was stressed but I got really loopy and giddy (the way I get when I'm far past the point of lack of sleep). So I'm sure I was making a fool of myself...but it helped me keep my sanity! So we're about to get in the tow truck when the girls decide there's not room for all of us and they better just stay here and call someone for a ride. Hello girls!!! I'm not going to leave you sitting on the side of the road, and I have to go with the tow truck. So we all crowd in...all 4 of us...tow truck driver...and us 3 crazy girls. It made for quite the little drive...especially when we discovered that Rebecca grew up with the driver lol! (I wish I had a picture of us crammed in there, all 4 of us, and with all of our school bags, lunches, etc, in tow!)

So we finally make it to the Nissan Dealership. (I know people judge me for taking it here. But when you're a single girl, it's hard to find a mechanic you can trust to not take advantage of you. So I take it here, which I'm sure costs more. But I don't really know what else to do.) We get it all checked in. Then luckily they have a free shuttle. So the shuttle comes over to get us and there is already someone else in tow. So we get to go drop her off first. But at this point, it's like oh well. We had called work several times with no answer. So I ended up texting another teacher to tell the office all 3 of us will be late and we're not sure how late! I'm sure the office was not happy to try and cover three classes. But oh well, what could we do?? So we told the shuttle we were in no hurry...take your time...we're already late anyways. So we just sat in the van and chatted, laughed, had a great 'ol time! While in the van our boss called to see if we needed him to come pick us up. I think he wanted us at work...what you think??

We finally got to work (over an hour late). After all we'd been through, we just wanted to go home at this point. But instead, we walk into the front office only to be greeted by the entire office staff with a standing ovation lol!! I think they were excited to see they didn't have to cover our classes any longer. So each of us headed to class and started out our day. Wow...after all that I had a really long day!! And I had to tell my students a short synopsis of what happened. And then that I'd have to keep my phone on and if it rings during class I'd need to answer it. Whew...can't believe I made it through the day! I was so exhausted (worse than a normal Monday) all day long. Come to find out the fuel pump had gone out (apparantly really expensive to replace)'s under warranty so I didn't have to pay a dime!! Glad to have that mess over with...

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