Morning Run Gone Wrong...

WOW!  The scariest thing happened this morning on my run (luckily I run in a pretty big group)!! We were just out running and we were running up the hill. Then we notice this car driving really slow and they drive into the loop where we run and they park. So we thought, we'll just have to make sure we all stay together on the loop today. Then as we are turning the corner the van goes shooting past us. The van head up the dirt road (that you're not supposed to drive on) and parks up in the dirt by the freeway. (Totaly freaked out at this point) So we keep running and we're getting close to running past the first car. As we get near we notice there is someone just sitting in the car...what is he waiting for? All of the absolute worst thing start running through our minds and our mouths. I just couldn't take it any longer. I took off in a sprint and have never run that fast in my life. Lets hope I can run that fast for my race in November lol!!! Anways, we finished up our run and ended at the usual place. Then we headed home and the vehicles were both still there. I don't know what's going on....but that was just PLAIN SCARY!!! I hope that never happens again! :(

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