Overactive Mind...

Ever totally worked something up in your mind so that you expected only the absolute worst could happen?? Well that happened to me this week. I was sure that I was getting fired from my job. There's a  lot going on at work and I totally had it worked up in my mind that I was getting fired. I had a meeting with my boss scheduled for Thursday. So I spent the entire week worrying about what the meeting was about. I ofcourse only expected the absolute worst. So I was totally prepared to pack up my classroom and be out of the job that day. In fact, I did not sleep the entire week! By Thursday I was so exhausted that I was loopy...lol. Sorry for those of you that had to be around me! Needless to say...I still have a job and my job was never on the line. And I slept a ton this weekend!!!! It is now Sunday night...and I'm planning to have a much better week next week. A little less worry. A little less heartache. And a little less reading into things that aren't there lol. 

This overactive mind of mine is NOT a good thing. It never helps me out!! It causes me to lose sleep. Make up problems that aren't there. Lay awake at night thinking about things that need to be done in my classroom. Lose sleep. Lose sleep. Lose sleep. And in turn...I'm always tired. Ugh!!! There's got to be a solution for this!!! Please help!!!

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