Witches Night Out

What a fun night!!! My amazing friend Nadine (see green witch below) who I used to work with at SC planned a witch party at her house. I thought that sounded like fun. So I threw on my witch costume and headed on over to Nadine's house. I did not realize how much fun this would be. There were a whole bunch of witches already there. When you walked in the door you had to choose a witch name and write it on a name tag. Then there were witch potions, witch foods, and just plain old witch fun. We got to mix our own witch drink potions. I chose 'luck and money' and 'love' and mixed them together. Made for a yummy drink...lets just hope it worked lol! 

So we hung out and ate yummy food for ahwile. Then we walked the "cat walk" out back. Nadine had gotten all sorts of sticks and things and made a giant broom. So we each took our turn with the broom walking the cat walk. After lots of fun and games, we headed out. 'Witches Night Out' at Iceberg! Now that was fun to walk into a public place with several witches. It was fun to hear all the comments lol. We ordered food...then sat and chatted and had a great time while we ate our food. Thanks Beaner for a really fun night!!!! I loved it. :) What a great event during Birthday Week!! 

The only hard part was seeing all these people I adore and hardly get to see them anymore. I used to work with all these amazing witches at Santa Clara Elementary. Not that I don't love my job now...but I seriously still miss my old job daily. That was a great...no an amazing...place to work. I LOVE YOU ALL ... SANTA CLARA WITCHES!!!

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