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Beauty is...a Rainbow!

I felt the need to show you this beautiful school where I work! The other day it rained. As we walked out to leave at the end of the day, this is what we saw! Luckily, a friend had taken a picture (so I could steal it hehe). Isn't that rainbow gorgeous?? Love it!!!

A new pair of shoes!

Okay I'm a sucker for shoes. So I've always loved this quote! I amy not like heels or anything fancy. But I love getting a new pair of shoes...even if it's a pair of flip flops! I would prefer to wear flip flops year round and never have to ever wear a pair of socks. But since I can't do that, I can go buy myself a cute pair of shoes. And you know if ever I'm feeling down, new shoes just have a way of making me feel better. Now people would say that I have too many shoes, and I know that. But...whatever makes a girl feel good right? And I go through them every once in awhile and get rid of the older ones that I don't wear anymore! I just always feel good and happy when I get a new pair of shoes. Thanks Cinderella for validating that feeling! I love it!!!

Love...and the perfect song!

Okay! A friend showed me this song the other day. And I can not stop listening to it! It is beautiful and absolutely amazing!!!! I want to find a man who feels this way about where is he?? Or maybe I'm just dillusional to think that it's possible to find a man who thinks that about me! Or am I??

I like to listen to this version. There is something soothing about sitting and listening to it as I read the words on the screen. It makes me heart melt. It's so sweet. I love it!!!

Dating...oh boy!

I'm starting to think this is true ;)

Haha...true true...except I did just finsh the graduate degree...but secretly I've always wanted to be the housewife of a hard working husband! ;)
Okay I don't sit around waiting for prince charming to show up at my door. I know it doesn't work that way...I wish! I try to get out there as much as I can. But the older I get the harder that gets! I mean seriously, I'm 33 years old. At my age, there aren't a lot of men out there. But the ones that are out there, are divorced and don't want to be in a relationship, or are just wierd and so not a good fit for me! So wherer are all the good men?? They're all married did I miss all the good ones? I've been doing what I'm supposed to...or at least trying. I'm a good person. I work hard. So why do i not deserve to be married? Why am I stuck being single and lonely? Why oh why oh why??? 
I recently was set up by a friend. She set me up…


Okay! After such a crazy, hard week...I couldn't have had a better night if I'd planned it! I got most buncos again! Remember this post?? Well I was happy after that night. And happened again! And seriously I was ON FIRE! I had a super crazy week with I knew I had Thursday night to look forward to. I would finish my last SEP of the week at 6:00 pm. Then I'd head home and play bunco with my bunco babes. Well that all happened and I was extrememly exhausted. But I was super excited! For starters, Amberly had gotten Papa John's Pizza for dinner. I was super excited that she took the easy route and picked up pizza. PJs brings me back to my college days. And I don't think I've had it since then. Back in college, there was a PJ on the corner of the parking lot of our apartment complex. So my roommates and I often late at night got some yummy PJs. So the other night when I took my first bite, I remembered how yummy this pizza is! was wond…

Thank you Vista School Board!

You know I often get stuck in the grind of the day to day. And I forget what a great job I have. MY job is easily overwhelming, stressful, etc. But really it's those adorable kiddos that make my job so great. I get to spend my day with 9 & 10 year olds. I get to hear all about the things that excite them worry them, and scare them. I get to hear all about what happens at home. I get to hear them tell me that they love me, and that I'm their favorite teacher in the world. I get to hear their silly comments as I'm trying to teach them. I get to see how excited they get when we reach the climax of our read-aloud in class! I get to see major growth in the areas of reading and writing! But with all of these wonderful things, sometime I forget about these little things that make teaching fun. I get so stressed and overwhelmed with all the things I need to do for my students to be sure they are prepared for life and that they are learning everything that they need to. 
It is…


Well it's official. I ran my first 5k ever...and I HAD A BLAST! This was a good race to start with. It's kindof funny. When I signed up for this race it's seemed like forever away. But it finally happened today. It wasn't as bad as I imagined...except my THIGHS ACHE tonight! I've been walking around like an old lady. I was pretty excited to run this race with my cute baby sister Kayla. But she lives in Provo and they happened to be having a blizzard storm this weekend. I was super bummed when I heard that. She had called when I was on my way home from work. I was telling my carpool girls about it. And they told me that our friend Kristen was running. So I called Kristen and ended up running with her and our other friend Mitch. And Kristen't little son Gavin ended up running with us too. It was a little much for the poor kid! This was such a fun race. The only problem is the one cold weekend in St. George this year happened to be this weekend. When we arrived a…

achy heart...

I find it interesting that my heart could ache so badly for someone I hardly know. I was recently set up with a guy names Chris. We had a lot of phone conversations and we seemed to really hit it off. But we were only able to go out one time before I realized for a few reasons why things would not work out for us. Reasons that hurt me badly, but I needed more than he wanted to give. So I met this guy once...ONE TIME!..and my heart aches so badly for him!! But I wonder since we really did not know each other that well...does my heart ache for him...or that person out there who will make me feel special and show me he loves me?? 

Bitter Anyone?

To all of my wonderful readers: family, friends, and whoever else reads this blog....READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. This is NOT A HAPPY post! Feel free to stop reading NOW!!! Sorry, but I have to get this off my chest...and I wanted it documented for journal purposes. So you decide if you're going to read or not. But don't judge me, feel bad for me, or anything else. 
I know I've never been good with expressing words. They never come across the way that I want them to. So I hope that I can write this in a way that will convey how i'm feeling without offending those reading.

I hate to say that this anger quote is me these days. I have lost a lot of happiness lately. I know it's my own fault. But I also know that I don't know how to fix it. My life is so sad, lonely, overwhelming these days. Today came my total and utter breaking point. I was confronted about something and basically told what an awful person I am. (I'm not going to go into specifics for the other pe…

My Essential Oils

I recently rediscovered doTerra essential oils! A few years ago I was what felt like "on my death bed". I took like 1 1/2 straight weeks off from work. And I only returned to work because I was all out of sick days. I was so sick that I thought death might feel better. (I know that sounds dramatic but I really thought that at the time.) There was one night where I was laying in the middle of my living room floor flat on my stomach unable to even lift my head. My phone was across the room adn I couldn't move far enough to get it to call for help. So I just laid there crying. I ended up getting a blessing from my home teachers, going to the doctor, and getting some meds. But the meds did not help. I was in bed for the entire 1 1/2 weeks that I took off from work and I WAS MISERABLE!!! So I kept taking that medicine and continued to be sicker than sick. I finally went back to work. And I sat in my chair all day and told my students they'd have to come to me. I was that…

Fall...too bad we don't have that where I live!

Someday I will move somewhere that looks like this...I love this time of year!
I seriously love the fall season. I haven't spent much time living anywhere with a real fall season. I've spent 95% of my life in places that have one year-round season: SUMMER! I did spend a short time in Provo, UT. When I lived there, my friends and I loved to take a drive up Provo Canyon just to see the beauty. I really miss that! I need to live somewhere again where that's possible. I guess I need to start looking for a man who wants to move somewhere like this lol! :) (I don't think I have the guts to move somewhere far away ALONE)  Oh the BEAUTY!
And since it is November, why not a thankful post?? Why not?? Because life seems to be pulling me down maybe a few things to be thankful for will perk me up a bit. 
Wow...I can't even figure out where to start!
I.AM.THANKFUL. ...for...
my amazing nieces and nephews. i've wanted kids of my own for YEARS. so if i can't hav…

Presidential Elections...sad sad day!

This is what I had in mind...but things didn't work out that way. Now let me just say that I've never been a real political person. Don't get me wrong, I get out and vote and do my part and what not. But I don't really get way into it or anything like that.   until...........
This most recent election! 
This election just really got to me. I have felt very strongly about wanting Mitt Romney and not wanting Barack Obama as president. So last night I had the t.v. on all night long....I was watching as the votes were coming in. I was hopeful all night. And when they announced the new president, I believed it must be a miscount or something. I seriously did not believe it was true. And once it set it, I was so upset! I have never cared in this way about who runs the country. But once I realized what our future holds I just felt sick in my stomach. I know my beliefs religious and other...and I believe that is why I was so upset this time. So we'll see what happens to o…

Yummy Goodness!

Image's the recipe! Seriously, I can't stop eating this. YUM! The only thing I'd do differently is that I'd add MORE mini reese's peanut butter cups. But YUM YUM YUM....

8 cups Chocolate Chex cereal3/4 cup packed brown sugar6 Tbsp. butter3 Tbsp. light corn syrup1/4 tsp. baking soda1 cup MINI Reese's Peanut Butter Cups1 cup mini marshmallows20 caramels, unwrapped1 1/2 Tbsp. heavy cream1/2 cup milk chocolate chips1/2 cup white chocolate chips1 tsp. coarse sea salt

Yummy Treat

I made this treat today. Can we say...YUM??!! I've been feeling down lately, so I decided I deserved a treat. This is what I came with. And can I just say it tastes as good as it looks! Try some for yourself. Find the recipe here.

Well I have realized over the last few weeks why I hate dating so much. It brings out the worst possible me...and I get so dang emotional! It's been awhile since I've dated. I was sick of getting my heart crushed. And it seemed that everytime a guy broke my heart it was 10x worse than the previous time. So I decided I was done. I didn't really put myself out there for quite some time. I just didn't feel like I could handle having my heart crushed again. And I got lonely at times ofcourse, but I didn't have to worry about my heart aching. Ever since the last time I got my heart broken, I have spent time surrounded by great family members and wonderful girlfriends. Life has been good. And during those times when I'm lonely or down, I either call a girlfriend to go get a treat with me or I crawl into bed and have a good emotional cry!
About a month ago, a friend asked if she could set me up. She said she had a super great guy friend that she was thinking would be…

My Super Productive Saturday...

Unfortunately I do not have a picture with this post. But this just had to be documented because it is such a rare occurance!

Okay, so yesterday I was super productive! I was seriously on a roll. And I hate to admit this, but because of my super exhausting, super overwhelming life, that doesn't happen very often. Yesterday started with a run to McD with a friend for breakfast and a DP at the gas station on the way home. So I wasn't sure what my day would turn into. But it was good. When I got home I turned on some music and started doing the dishes...the ones that had been sitting in the sink for a few days. Apparantly that was a good start. So...I moved on to the fridge. Something had spilt the other day so I was just going to wipe down one shelf. But it turned into wiping all shelves and drawers in the fridge. It looks really good now but we'll see how long it lasts. When I was done there, I scrubbed down my entire kitchen! Then I moved on to the ceiling fans. I've w…

Halloween Night

Halloween night my friend Kristen and I went to THRILLER!!! Thriller is this super creepy, super awesome dance production that is put on at Tuacahn outdoor theater every year. I have gone to this show every year since I moved to St. George. But I've never gone on Halloween night. And I think that was a super great idea. But next year I probably won't dress up. Here's the thing about Halloween for me. I hate dressing up. I hate passing out candy to trick or treaters. I just really don't like Halloween. I love the time of year and the season. But I don't like everything that comes with the season. (I know I probably sound a bit...bitter, sinical, depressing. But I just don't understand why we have to dress up and go ask people for candy lol.) In fact, my plan for this Halloween was to turn out all the lights and lay in my bed watching a fun movie.  But then it ended up that Halloween was the best night to go to my fave Halloween show! Anyways, although I hate dr…