A new pair of shoes!

Okay I'm a sucker for shoes. So I've always loved this quote! I amy not like heels or anything fancy. But I love getting a new pair of shoes...even if it's a pair of flip flops! I would prefer to wear flip flops year round and never have to ever wear a pair of socks. But since I can't do that, I can go buy myself a cute pair of shoes. And you know if ever I'm feeling down, new shoes just have a way of making me feel better. Now people would say that I have too many shoes, and I know that. But...whatever makes a girl feel good right? And I go through them every once in awhile and get rid of the older ones that I don't wear anymore! I just always feel good and happy when I get a new pair of shoes. Thanks Cinderella for validating that feeling! I love it!!!

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