Fall...too bad we don't have that where I live!

Someday I will move somewhere that looks like this...I love this time of year!

I seriously love the fall season. I haven't spent much time living anywhere with a real fall season. I've spent 95% of my life in places that have one year-round season: SUMMER! I did spend a short time in Provo, UT. When I lived there, my friends and I loved to take a drive up Provo Canyon just to see the beauty. I really miss that! I need to live somewhere again where that's possible. I guess I need to start looking for a man who wants to move somewhere like this lol! :) (I don't think I have the guts to move somewhere far away ALONE)  Oh the BEAUTY!

And since it is November, why not a thankful post?? Why not?? Because life seems to be pulling me down lately...so maybe a few things to be thankful for will perk me up a bit. 

Wow...I can't even figure out where to start!

I.AM.THANKFUL. ...for...

  • my amazing nieces and nephews. i've wanted kids of my own for YEARS. so if i can't have my own at least i have them.
  • a wonderful friend and her cute kids who help me get through my rough times...and who help me enoy my good times.
  • doing crafts. that always makes me feel better when i'm having a rough day.
  • digi scrapbooking. it is such a relaxer. i could do it for hours.
  • amazing family!
  • hope...even though most of the time it causes heart break. i recently had a small glimpse of "hope" for my love life. unfortunately that went away really quickly. :( oh heart break...i'm surprised there's any heart left in there!
  • yummy food! okay, yes i eat crap way too often. but it just tastes so good!!!

ALRIGHT. That is all I can think of for now. I'm having a difficult time being grateful right now with all the struggles I'm having. But I am grateful for my life and the things I've been blessed with. It's been a REALLY HARD YEAR........

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