Halloween Night

Halloween night my friend Kristen and I went to THRILLER!!! Thriller is this super creepy, super awesome dance production that is put on at Tuacahn outdoor theater every year. I have gone to this show every year since I moved to St. George. But I've never gone on Halloween night. And I think that was a super great idea. But next year I probably won't dress up. Here's the thing about Halloween for me. I hate dressing up. I hate passing out candy to trick or treaters. I just really don't like Halloween. I love the time of year and the season. But I don't like everything that comes with the season. (I know I probably sound a bit...bitter, sinical, depressing. But I just don't understand why we have to dress up and go ask people for candy lol.) In fact, my plan for this Halloween was to turn out all the lights and lay in my bed watching a fun movie. 
But then it ended up that Halloween was the best night to go to my fave Halloween show! Anyways, although I hate dressing up, I did dress up on this particular occasion. My friend Kristen loves dressing up so I decided I'd dress up too. I went super simple and just threw on one of my witch costumes. But the show was as good as usual. I loved every minute of it!!! But here is the thing about THRILLER...there are zombies everywhere. They wander through the aisles, jump on the back of your seat, jump in your lap, creep up behind you, get in your face, etc. And they CREEP ME OUT!!!! Kristen sure got a good laugh out of me. As did everyone else around me. But seriously (I know they're actors) those Zombies freak me out!!! I scream every time!! Anyways, it ended up being a really fun Halloween night. Thanks Kristen! 

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