Well it's official. I ran my first 5k ever...and I HAD A BLAST! This was a good race to start with. It's kindof funny. When I signed up for this race it's seemed like forever away. But it finally happened today. It wasn't as bad as I imagined...except my THIGHS ACHE tonight! I've been walking around like an old lady. I was pretty excited to run this race with my cute baby sister Kayla. But she lives in Provo and they happened to be having a blizzard storm this weekend. I was super bummed when I heard that. She had called when I was on my way home from work. I was telling my carpool girls about it. And they told me that our friend Kristen was running. So I called Kristen and ended up running with her and our other friend Mitch. And Kristen't little son Gavin ended up running with us too. It was a little much for the poor kid! This was such a fun race. The only problem is the one cold weekend in St. George this year happened to be this weekend. When we arrived at the old airport (where the race was taking place) my phone read 35 degrees. Oh boy really?? Sunny St. George is 35 degrees on the day of the big race?? The good news...my limbs were numb by the time we started running! My sweet sister Meg brought her hubby and two little boys to watch me. But the boys were so cold that they were crying. So they didn't last long but they did give me a little gift (that was meant for after the race even though they gave it to me before I started running). It was fun to have those two little cuties there, even if for just a minute! 

Kristen & I before the race

in line...getting ready to run!

I was trying to get a good pic in the background...didn't work out so well

Mitch & Gavin

after the race

after the race...gotta love that crazy hair! 


my little cuties

my post race treat from my little cuties

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