Okay! After such a crazy, hard week...I couldn't have had a better night if I'd planned it! I got most buncos again! Remember this post?? Well I was happy after that night. And happened again! And seriously I was ON FIRE! I had a super crazy week with I knew I had Thursday night to look forward to. I would finish my last SEP of the week at 6:00 pm. Then I'd head home and play bunco with my bunco babes. Well that all happened and I was extrememly exhausted. But I was super excited! For starters, Amberly had gotten Papa John's Pizza for dinner. I was super excited that she took the easy route and picked up pizza. PJs brings me back to my college days. And I don't think I've had it since then. Back in college, there was a PJ on the corner of the parking lot of our apartment complex. So my roommates and I often late at night got some yummy PJs. So the other night when I took my first bite, I remembered how yummy this pizza is! was wonderful! And then after this perfect dinner, we started to play our game. We had a blast...and I was on a roll! SEVEN total buncos! Woohoo! In one round, I got 4 of those 7 buncos. What a blast! So for my prize...I won....MONEY! $25 total. I was pumped...but here's the problem with that...when the prize is money, it's easy to spend it on practical stuff. But this was a prize so I need to be sure that I spend it on something fun and not on practical stuff like bills and groceries. Anways, either way it was a great night!!! 

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