My Essential Oils

I recently rediscovered doTerra essential oils! A few years ago I was what felt like "on my death bed". I took like 1 1/2 straight weeks off from work. And I only returned to work because I was all out of sick days. I was so sick that I thought death might feel better. (I know that sounds dramatic but I really thought that at the time.) There was one night where I was laying in the middle of my living room floor flat on my stomach unable to even lift my head. My phone was across the room adn I couldn't move far enough to get it to call for help. So I just laid there crying. I ended up getting a blessing from my home teachers, going to the doctor, and getting some meds. But the meds did not help. I was in bed for the entire 1 1/2 weeks that I took off from work and I WAS MISERABLE!!! So I kept taking that medicine and continued to be sicker than sick. I finally went back to work. And I sat in my chair all day and told my students they'd have to come to me. I was that sick. So I asked a good friend who I work with (thanks Aimee) about essential oils. I knew she used them but I knew NOTHING about them! She immediately gave me stuff to try. I took them faithfully and within a few days I was 100% better. Wow...what are these crazy things? I need to find out more about these! So I went to a few classes and turned into a faithful doTerra user.

But then things happened. Oils are expensive and I didn't have the money to buy them. So I kept saying I'd save up money and order some the next month. I missed my oils but what could I do?? So I've used the ones I had around the house but not ordered new ones. Well I recently heard about a new oil called "InTune" that I really wanted to try! So I got my account back up and running and recommitted to my oils. They are worth the money. I will make it work. I have used them over the past few months as I've started using them again for many remedies!! They have helped with so many things. I LOVE MY OILS! They are such an incredible blessing in my life. Okay, sometimes I feel like the voodoo witch doctor or something when I talk about my oils. But I've never seen results like this from any medicine. Oils are amazing! 

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