My Super Productive Saturday...

Unfortunately I do not have a picture with this post. But this just had to be documented because it is such a rare occurance!

Okay, so yesterday I was super productive! I was seriously on a roll. And I hate to admit this, but because of my super exhausting, super overwhelming life, that doesn't happen very often. Yesterday started with a run to McD with a friend for breakfast and a DP at the gas station on the way home. So I wasn't sure what my day would turn into. But it was good. When I got home I turned on some music and started doing the dishes...the ones that had been sitting in the sink for a few days. Apparantly that was a good start. So...I moved on to the fridge. Something had spilt the other day so I was just going to wipe down one shelf. But it turned into wiping all shelves and drawers in the fridge. It looks really good now but we'll see how long it lasts. When I was done there, I scrubbed down my entire kitchen! Then I moved on to the ceiling fans. I've wanted to clean them for a long time but lets admit it I've been too lazy to do it. But a friend told me about something she read on pinterest where all you have to do is get a pillowcase to wipe each blade. So I headed to pinterest to read up and see if that was really all there was to it. Pinterest directed me to this blog...and I found out that yes it really was that simple! I was done with both fans in less than 5 minutes! The hardest part was the fact that I'm short and needed a little help from the step stool getting up there.

Next I took down all of the Halloween decor. Once I took that down, I put up the Fall decor. Looking good in my house...ready for this awesome month of November! I also went to the bank to make a deposit, went and got my poor neglected car washed...did some laundry. I even started to straighten my upstairs! But while all this was happening, I had something in the back of my mind. The fact that I was supposed to have a HOT DATE Saturday night. It was getting later and later...and the fact that I hadn't heard from this guy was getting to me. I think that made me work harder...if I worked harder, I wouldn't focus on that. Well at one point (far past dinner time) a friend texted and asked me if I'd go to dinner with her. I figured if I was getting stood up for my date, I could at least go to dinner with a friend. I had been super productive, and totally earned a yummy dinner. We went to In-n-Out...and boy did that hit the spot. YUMMMMMM!!!!! I went home and had a nice bubble bath. Then I hopped into bed with my clean sheets and watched a chick flick. I guess being stood up can be a good thing...made me get lots done!!!

Okay I lied...I forgot I took some pics on my phone. Poor quality, but they'll do!

BEFORE... looking pretty gross

The nasty closeup (please don't judge)

AFTER...lookin good! Why didn't I do this sooner???

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