Presidential Elections...sad sad day!

This is what I had in mind...but things didn't work out that way. Now let me just say that I've never been a real political person. Don't get me wrong, I get out and vote and do my part and what not. But I don't really get way into it or anything like that.   until...........

This most recent election! 

This election just really got to me. I have felt very strongly about wanting Mitt Romney and not wanting Barack Obama as president. So last night I had the t.v. on all night long....I was watching as the votes were coming in. I was hopeful all night. And when they announced the new president, I believed it must be a miscount or something. I seriously did not believe it was true. And once it set it, I was so upset! I have never cared in this way about who runs the country. But once I realized what our future holds I just felt sick in my stomach. I know my beliefs religious and other...and I believe that is why I was so upset this time. So we'll see what happens to our pour country! But I am a person who honors who country. So I will continue to do my part and see where life takes just won't be quite as I pictured it! 

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