Christmas Day

A few highlights (good and bad) from Christmas:

  • spending the night at my mom's house and sharing a bed with Reed
  • new jammies!!!
  • hot wassail
  • bad weather
  • Lyn & Nick not making it for Christmas Eve due to bad weather. They slid into a ditch and luckily were safe.
  • Spending time with family
  • Reed's love of his new drums
  • Asher's love of pulling things out of stockings...and his joy in helping others do so
  • Reed/Asher loving playing with toys all day long...and wanting everyone to play with them
  • Grandpa & Thelma coming over for Christmas dinner
  • lounging in jammies all day
  • looking at Christmas lights that night
  • my parents dumpster diving to find my kindle fire box (which had the power cord in it)....and then finding it at the house 
  • Kayla's announcement
  • Skyping with Ken & his fam (his kids are too cute...they were pumped about all their gifts)
  • My Kindle gift!
  • seeing Lyn & her fam for 10 min on Christmas as they headed to Cali
  • ....etc....
  • It was a fun, family-filled Christmas

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