GDO...we all need one every once in awhile!

 Well as was made obvious from my previous post, life has really gotten to me lately. Life has just been really rough and has been totally pulling me down. So I did what every girl would do...I called in for reinforcement! I called the girls for a much needed day of shopping, lunch, and movie(s)!!! Yes!!! That is just exactly what I needed today! We started out at Paradise Bakery...yum! You just can't go wrong when in "paradise" :) Then we headed over to favorite store! Okay, I don't hardly ever go there. I'm always broke and there are always treasures to be found in Target. But today I scored on some sweet Christmas CDs! Yes! And you know what? I splurged and bought them. Because I was actually excited about something. And I've been in a Bah Humbug sort of mood lately. So the fact that I wanted to listen to Christmas music was HUGE!!! So I got a little Scotty McCreery, Michael Buble, Taylor Swift, Colbie Callait (my fave singer ever), and Lady Antebelem. Good thing they were mostly all on sale, or I'd be in serious trouble for buying those! Next we headed to the theaters to see Playing for Keeps. Can't say that I loved it. But can say that it was okay. And who can complain about staring at Gerard Butler's beautiful face and listening to his sexy accent?? After that we took a few hour break. I chose to eat dinner and run to Wally World for a few things. We are meeting up again later tonight for another movie!! Woohoo!! I haven't seen a movie in the theaters in over a year, and I'm seeing two in one day. Wow! We are seeing Picture Perfect which I've heard is pretty great (the friends I'm seeing it with have seen it 4 times). I can't wait to see it!!!

Thanks ladies for a great day...a much needed "girls day out" feels a little more bearable after today!!! :)

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