Illness cont...

Okay so remember this post?? Well...things got much worse!! On Friday I laid in bed and slept...all day long! I was starving from having what I thought was the flu. So I mustered up the energy to go get some food. But other than that, I slept the whole rest of the day. I just had NO ENERGY at all! So then Saturday I felt the same. I was still exhausted. And I thought it was wierd that I was so exhausted...I've never been this beat after the flu before. Then it all began Saturday afternoon....the worst rash of my life! My entire body was covered in a rash...I mean it was EVERYWHERE!! But it didn't itch. The only reason I knew about it was because I went to get in the shower and noticed it on my skin. As the day went on...things got worse. The rash started to permeate heat off of my body! It was the strangest feeling. Although my body was on fire, I also had the chills. It didn't get way bad though until the Quick Care was closed. I was not about to go to the ER and pay a fortune. So I decided to go to bed that night and see if it would feel better the next morning. But I hardly slept that night because my skin was so HOT! So on Sunday I decided I better head to the Quick Care. I paid my lovely copay...and then sat and waited and waited and waited...ugh!! They finally called me back there. When the doctor heard my symptoms (and saw my rash) he was so confused. He asked me questions such as: "Do you have kids? Where are you from? Were you immunized as a kid?" I did not understand why he was asking this series of questions. So he told me he knew exactly what I had but he was trying to figure out why I had it. He said I had FIFTHS (well he used the medical term), which is something that only children catch. I then explained that I'm a school teacher and around children all the time. That cleared up his confusion! So he told me all I could do was wait it out and take Ibuprofen...nothing he could give me! I wanted to die when he said that...this rash HURTS!!! But he did say I had about 2 days left and then should be fine...and that I was no longer contagious so I could go back to work. I went home and slept and took Ibuprofin. I didn't feel better Monday morning but thought I should try going to work. (I was just exhausted is all) What a LONG day....I was so tired!!!! But after a few days, I was feeling better and life was good again. Thank you fourth graders for giving me Fifths...oh the joys of being a teacher! :) Gotta love the little darlings!!

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