Laundry Adventures!!!

Okay this just had to be documented. I just have to first apologize for my picture quality. Between my phone and my cheap camera things are not looking good. Someday I'll be able to afford a nice camera. But for now, I just have to accept the fact that I don't have quality pictures. (I love taking pictures so this just drives me CRAZY!!!) 

Okay so it all started on Sunday morning I went to put some laundry into my washing machine. Before I continue, I must say that my washing machine door has a lot of give so you have to pull the door up in order to close it. (I wish there was a fix to this. Trust me it drives me nuts. But my amazing BIL looked at it and there's no fixing this little annoyance. But if it weren't for this, I feel there would not have been a problem!) Okay anyways, I went to close the door to the washing machine and it popped back open. Adn then I realized that a little piece on the door had popped off. Oh boy, what was I going to do?? It was there was nothing I could do. Other than cry...don't worry that seems to be my solution to everything. Great solution huh?? Well I'm a girl who comes from a highly emotional what can I say?? After a little cry, I pulled myself together and tried everything in the book. Nothing much for laundry!! That door was NOT going to stay closed no matter what I did! 

That night I asked my BIL to come look at it. He couldn't fix it because I needed a new part. But he could find the part online, give me a link to it, a part number, and where in town carries the part. I told you he was amazing!! He even showed me a youtube video on "how to install" the part, which we both laughted at by the way. It taught us how to place the part on the door and screw in the two screws...tough stuff lol! You know if I can do it, it's definitely easy stuff!!!

My washing machine...couldn't get the pic to turn...SORRY

The broken part...see the two prongs...the short prong should be the same length as the long prong

Slots where the prongs go...will not stay closed without both prongs...the broken piece is inside there somewhere

The broken part...this tiny little thing & I can't run my washing machine...ugh!

So Monday morning I got up with high hopes! I was ready to go buy the part (only $10 btw) and head home to do some laundry. Well I was told that in order to carry all the parts necessary they would have over 7,000 parts. And how do they choose which ones to carry?? Okay, high hopes shot down. Thanks alot!! So I did have to order the part online will be here in ONE WEEK!!! What's a girl with NO CLEAN LAUNDRY to do?? Okay, yes I know I always wait until the last minute to do laundry. But that's only because I hate putting it away so much. So I had two choices here: go buy new clothes (with no money) or find somewhere else to do laundry. Unfortunately, the choice was clear. Find somewhere else to do laundry. Here's the problem with that. I could go to my mom's and spend my entire day there getting NOTHING done around my house (I also planned to get a lot done around my house today). Or go to a laundromat, which by the way I've NEVER done before. 

I got BRAVE and went to MALIBU CLEANERS. 

I loaded up the car with my baskets of laundry...I was already exhausted!! 

First I went to the bank. I was clueless (but I didn't know that yet). I bought a roll of quarters ($10) to do my laundry with. 

Then I headed over to Malibu to get my laundry done in a few hours time. 

Well, first mistake...$10 is NOWHERE near enough money. Second mistake, it didn't really phase me to bring any laundry soap with me. So as I walk in with my baskets of laundry I realize that I didn't bring my soap. (And I've already made two trips to the car to get it all inside.) I thought it I want to go home and get the soap. That means carry this all back out to my car, drive home, get soap, come back, load back in. No thanks! So I spent a little money to buy soap...EXPENSIVE!!! Then I loaded up my clothes in the washing machines. It was a challenge to figure out where the money goes, where the soap goes...who knew it would be so difficult!! And it was I was lucky to get machines that were together!!! But here's the problem...I ran out of money before I even had all my machines going. Wait what?? And here I thought...I was going to have leftover money. I didn't even have enough money to start up the washing machines. And at first I could NOT find a money machines to get quarters...great, what was I going to do?? Then I noticed it hiding in the corner where this lady was standing. So I asked her if she could move and I got me some more money. Okay, I was in business. I now had all my machines running. Yes!!! Wow...that was quite the task :)

Luckily I had brought my Kindle Fire with me and I had just purchased a book. So I sat and read while my laundry did it's thing. I'm a Nicholas Sparks I got lost in my Nicholas Sparks world. This is a can't put me down sortof love it already!! So I sat and read for quite awhile as I waited for my washing to be done. So here's my next challenge. I start to think about this as I'm sitting there reading my book. My dryer works. Do I want to save money and take everything home after I wash it? I would love to do that so I could save a little money. But then I had the thought of all my loads of laundry sitting there wet, waiting their turn. I do not want my stuff turning smelly and mildewy as they wait their turn. So I decide to stay. Which means getting more quarters from the money machine...ugh!!  So I splurged and stayed to dry my clothes. 

I started to do people do this every week?? There were several there who told me that they are there every week. Um...isn't worth the money to buy the washer/dryer? Wouldn't you save yourself so much money?? I spent about $25 and that's for a family of ONE. How about a large family? Or even an average size family?? How much do they spend every week?? I am suddenly EXTREMELY GRATEFUL for my washing machine! I really would not want to do this every week. Not only is it a pain in the butt (that I'm sure you'd get used to)...but it is stinkin EXPENSIVE!!! I am truly blessed! Especially the fact that I am 33 years old and just had my first experience with a laundromat. Now if that's not blessed I don't know what is! Seriously, what a blessing to have a washer and dryer in my home. 

Final photo...I was grateful for this handy little cart on wheels. This time I could take everything out at once. Unlike my trip inside...or should I say trip(s)

It's all about the little things. LIFE is all about the small things. That is what life is all about. I AM VERY GRATEFUL TODAY FOR MY WASHING MACHINE AND DRYER!!! 

Okay if this isn't the most random post ever...not sure what is. There you go, me and my laundry say thanks for reading. If you've read this whole thing, good for you! 

Oh and btw, Happy New Year's Eve!!!

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