My heart is breaking today :(

This picture says it alls. It says what words can't express. I happen to be home sick in bed today. I turned on the TV and immediately was struck with the tragedy that had just hit our country. Those poor children and their families in Connecticut. I have been glued to the TV all day long. I can't turn it off! How could someone do something so awful?? And to little children?? That just breaks my heart to think of what went through the minds of those poor little children!! As a teacher, this is one of the scariest thing that I can imagine. I am not a parent, so I don't understand that aspect of it. But in a way, those children that I spend my days with are "my children". I think of each one of them and their sweet smiling faces. And it just breaks my heart to think someone would be so sick to go into an elementary school with a gun. I have seriously been sobbing my eyes out all day long. I can't bring myself to turn off the tv. But I just don't want to hear that this is true. These poor little adorable children. But through this tragedy, I'm glad to have the knowledge of the gospel. That is why I like the picture from above. This picture makes me think of those little children who were so tragically killed this morning. I know that they were sent to heaven embraced by God this morning. I know that he wrapped his arms around them and said welcome home. They may have returned home in a tragic way. But they are home with their Heavenly Father now. I pray that their families with feel the love of God as they get through this tragic time for their family. 

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