Stomach Flu...UGH!!!

Ugh!!! Why did I have to go and get the flu?? I have been absolutely miserable the last few days! Most of you won't care to read this, but I just want to document for my own purposes. Tuesday afternoon (while still at work) I started feeling tired and dizzy. I just thought I was overworked and needed to go to bed early that night. Well, not exactly. As the afternoon went on, I got worse and worse. We had a birthday celebration planned for my sister. So I went over to my parents' house for that. I was not feeling well at all the whole time that I was there. And I felt myself getting worse and worse. I finally apologized and went home. I tried to decide if I write sub plans now or in the morning. Who knows? I might feel ok in the morning. Who was I kidding? I went to straight to bed. Not the best decision. I had a horrible night. So in the morning (Wed) I texed about every sub I know. While I waited to hear back I wrote lesson plans. I found someone, so I let the school know and headed back to bed. Well, it made for a horrible day. I was back and forth between my bed and the toilet all day. Nothing helped to get me over this...ugh!!
But when I went to bed that night (Wed), I wrote lesson plans and found a sub. That was smart, so I didn't have to worry about it in the morning. I spent most of the next day (Thurs) feeling crappy again! Not only was I throwing up, but I had the worst tension headache of my life. I mean, moving my head at all, made my just want to scream because it hurt so bad! But Thurs morning, I discovered (as if I didn't already know lol) that I have an AMAZING FRIEND!! She knew what I needed...a few essentials. Brought me some bread so I could make toast, crackers, and....a soda!!! How could you not feel better with a soda lol?? YUM!!! She made my crummy day a little bit better. 

Thursday night I was feeling a little bit better. Took a nice lavender vanilla bath. Layed in bed and watched a show. Life was good. My sweet sub even texted to ask if I needed her the next day and I felt totally confident in saying no! Then as I was getting tired and ready for bed, my body was doing wierd things. I got a really bad fever (which I hadn't had at all through these several days by the way), felt the chills, and just felt kinda wierd. I went to bed and figured I'd sleep it off. I woke up Friday morning. I felt fine but absolutely exhausted! I got into the shower and started getting ready for work. Well my body totally shut down. I had no energy in me. I totally laid on the bathroom floor as I texted to find a sub. And I just cried and cried and cried. I was miserable! At least I found a good one. I couldn't even think straight. She said tell me what they absolutely have to get done today and I'll figure out the rest. I was so grateful for that!!! It took me about 30 min to finally get myself off the floor and into bed. Slept for most of the day. Feel better now...ready for REAL FOOD!!!

P.S. This was NOT the week for this to happen! Every Christmas I work at "Forgotten Carols" to earn a little extra cash. Had to miss out on that. I was planning to babysit my sweet nephews. But that didn't happen. But can I just say, I think I signed up for this. How many germs am I exposed to on a daily basis? I try NOT to think about that! My mom had me determined that I had some serious disease or something because I get sick so often. Then I remembered "Oh yeah, I work in an elementary school. I'm fine." Love her, but I think I'm fine. Just one of the "perks" of working in an elementary school! :)

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