Sweet & Not-So-Sweet Letters from Students...

I am one lucky teacher! My little darlings gave me some pretty fun gifts this year. I feel very blessed. And one gift was the Christmas stocking. My sweet sub had the students write me letters to fill the stocking. They also earned "treats" for my stocking through their good behavior. They must have been really good because this stocking was bursting at the seams. I've been so busy that I didn't have time to read the letters until today. Biggest mistake of my life! Okay maybe not, but not the best idea ever. As I read through the letters, I was touched by the sweet things they said. But one particular letter was pretty RUDE...and of course I dwell on that one. Why can't I dwell on the 40 nice letters?? I have to let the one little stinker get to me...ugh!!! Oh well, I will eventually let it go. 

This is just a FABULOUS "get well soon" letter...NOT!!! Thanks for ruining my day you little stinker! 

There were several of these sweet letters. This student is such a sweetheart...and she's right about that "delicious" popcorn! 

This is from my little book worm. This one really made my day. She can only read one book a day without me...her reading skills are getting a little rusty. So cute! 

Okay...there were a ton of nice letters that I wanted to post...these kids are little cuties. And I only got one mean letter and about 40 good ones...who can complain about that right?? LOVE these kids!!

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