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Yummy Treat...gone wrong??

I know I've been a little out of the blogging loop lately. I will update you soon. Just been way too busy! But in the meantime, here's a little recipe for you. I got the recipe from here. She refers to it as "christmas crack" because her family makes it every Christmas and it's amazing! I've had it before and loved it. So needless to say I was so excited to make it myself! If you're going to try making this (and you don't own a candy thermometer)...BUY ONE! I was a little nervous about making this without a candy thermometer. But I went for it, and used my mom's trick of knowing when your mixture is at the right stage. Well either I did something wrong or the recipe steered me in the wrong direction. This usually yummy mixture is painful to eat. It's so yummy but it kills your jaw. Next I make this I will purchase a candy thermometer. And I WILL BE MAKING THIS AGAIN...the right way this time. It's such a letdown when you get all excited ab…

Love me some COLE


I am so in love with this kid!!! Oh my gosh. What a stinkin little cutie. My sister Kayla taught him recently taught him how to wink and now he's totally in love with winking. Getting pretty good at his winking skills. ;) My amazing sis Lynnie sent this video to my phone the other day and it totally made my night. I have to say...I can not stop watching it!!! I need to be in Colorado visiting them. Miss this kid so much! :)


I feel this way daily...but somehow still love it!!! :)

My incredible sister...

I hope I don't embarrass her too much by this post. ButI haven't really had the chance to tell her in person. This is my awesome sister Megan who is due to have Baby #3 any day now. As show below you can see her two very adorable little boys. Now that she is totally used to wild and crazy little boys, her and hubby Ryan (also pretty incredible) are welcoming a baby girl into their family. I got the chance to spend lots of time with them over the holiday season as I was off of work. I was truly amazed watching my sister. Not only is she a super cute pregnant girl, but she chases two hyperactive little boys around the house all day long. Wowzers!!! Meg, you're amazing. I can't wait to meet your adorable little girl when she comes out...very, very soon! 

Her adorable little boys...Reed & Asher (No REED is Not choking his brother, he thinks he's hugging him lol)

Cute Reed drew this picture of his mom and baby sister...I just love this! 

My baby in LONDON!!!

Okay this girl is truly stunning!! How did I get lucky enough to be her older sister? I think little sisters are supposed to look up to their bigger sisters. It is definitely the other way around! My baby sister Kayla is truly remarkable. She is so brave, beautiful, and beyond words. I love her and all that she's doing with her life. 

She just moved to London to study abroad. First of all, every picture she posts wants me to be there with her. Second of all, wow! She is so brave to sign up and go to London all by herself. Yes, once she got there and moved in she met other BYU students who she'll be staying with and spending her time with. But she didn't know them before she got there. And her adventures just in traveling and getting to the spot she'd be living. Wow, that girl amazes me! 
Anyways, if you'd like to read all about my ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS sister and her adventures in you go!!! Feel free to read her adorable little blog. :) LOVE YA KAYLA!…

Dark Hair...

I know I posted this picture a few days ago but I'm definitely in love with my new hair color!! I am just LOVING the dark right now. Thank you to my wonderful hair dresser Lindsi! I love, love, love the color. :) But I do think I'm ready to grow it out a bit...just now sure how long yet! 

DIET & EXERCISE advice please!

I need some DIET and EXERCISE advice. I know. It's January, the month everyone starts a new "get healthy" plan. The truth is I've been trying for a good while now. But the motivation has been lost somewhere. Please help me find it...or give me some tips! Here's the thing: As much as I love my job, it's absolutely exhausting. My job takes absolutely every ounce of energy that I have. So cooking dinner is rare, going to the gym is rare. All I want to do when I get home from work is relax. I'm exhausted.

So please give me some tips and ideas!! What can this poor exhausted girl do? I need to eat healthy. I still want to enjoy my food. And I need to find some quick, easy meals. But I'm also on a small budget. As far as excersizing goes, I've tried it all. What works best for me? 9:00 pm spin classes...those just got canceled at my gym...grrrr!!!! I sorta hate running, but it has been the fastest, easiest way for me to lose weight. Any one out there ha…


You know...I do know that this is true. But at the same time I've lived by this for so long that it's gotten hard to believe. I have one particular trial in my life that has lasted for several years. The older that I get the harder this trial gets and the bigger this trial seems. Most of you know that this trial is the fact that I'm 33 years old and remain single. And most people in my life that I encounter tell me how "lucky" I am to be single. I think if they lived my life for a week they'd realize how blessed they are to have a husband who loves them and sweet little kiddlets who adore them. Not that my life isn't blessed, but with being single comes great loneliness. When I was younger, it was easier to have faith, live my life, and say "things will work out". But now all I can think is... I'm getting old. I'm not going to be able to have kids. I'm lonely. I just want to find the love of my life. etc... I just hope that we find …

No, I'm NOT crying...

I think I should start saying this LOL just to see what people say. Life has thrown me a lot of curve balls the last several months and it seems all I ever do is CRY!! Ofcourse, I've been able to handle all of these curve balls. But it just seems with each one it gets harder and harder. I know we are not here for life to be easy. But doesn't a girl deserve a little break?? I mean sheesh! I need a little room to come up for air. Anyways, I know I could have it much worse. I'm truly blessed. But it seems like I cry a lot lately. I'm just going to start telling people that it's an "allergic reaction" lol and see what reactions I get!!! 

Sunday Stealing

Okay I do this every once in awhile. It's just a random way to get to know me better. It gives me a chance to tell you a little bit about me. Feel free to read it or's all your choice!

Sunday Stealing: 40 of The Most Random Questions Meme, Part One

1) What side of the heart do you draw first? 
always the left
2) Can you dive without plugging your nose? 
3) What color is your razor? 
white with purple flowers
4) What is your blood-type? 
i have no idea
5) Who would you want to be tied to for 24 hours? 
wouldn't you like to know!
6) What is a rumor someone has spread about you? 
Hmmm....I don't anyone has spread a rumor about me in a long time. College is the last time I can remember a rumor being spread about me, and that was quite awhile ago.
7) How do you feel about carrots? 
they are a good healthy snack when I'm in the mood to be healthy...
8) How many chairs at the dining room table? 
9) Which is the best Spice Girl? 
haha...i don't know! But back in college m…

WHEW....what a week!!!

Well... a lot has happened the last few days! 
First. Wednesday night I went and got my hair cut & colored. I was sick of my hair. Needed something different. So I went dark and I actually just had her trim it for now. My hair was in one of those "blah" stages. I can't decide if I want to go shorter again or grow it out. So I colored it and trimmed it to give me a little time to decide what I'm doing. I LOVE my new color!!
Second, Thursday night I had some tragedy occur in my kitchen. I feel that I'm a pretty good cook. But Thursday did NOT go well. I burnt my yummy corn and couldn't eat it. I ruined the pan that it was in. I melted my favorite tupperware dish. I set off the smoke detectors and several neighbors heard them going off. So I ended up salvaging what I could from my dinner and still eating it. (I should've just gone out)
Thursday night around midnight I started to feel really SICK! I hardly slept the whole night. I got up early Friday mo…