My baby in LONDON!!!

Okay this girl is truly stunning!! How did I get lucky enough to be her older sister? I think little sisters are supposed to look up to their bigger sisters. It is definitely the other way around! My baby sister Kayla is truly remarkable. She is so brave, beautiful, and beyond words. I love her and all that she's doing with her life. 

She just moved to London to study abroad. First of all, every picture she posts wants me to be there with her. Second of all, wow! She is so brave to sign up and go to London all by herself. Yes, once she got there and moved in she met other BYU students who she'll be staying with and spending her time with. But she didn't know them before she got there. And her adventures just in traveling and getting to the spot she'd be living. Wow, that girl amazes me! 

Anyways, if you'd like to read all about my ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS sister and her adventures in you go!!! Feel free to read her adorable little blog. :) LOVE YA KAYLA!!! 

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