WHEW....what a week!!!

 Well... a lot has happened the last few days! 

First. Wednesday night I went and got my hair cut & colored. I was sick of my hair. Needed something different. So I went dark and I actually just had her trim it for now. My hair was in one of those "blah" stages. I can't decide if I want to go shorter again or grow it out. So I colored it and trimmed it to give me a little time to decide what I'm doing. I LOVE my new color!!

Second, Thursday night I had some tragedy occur in my kitchen. I feel that I'm a pretty good cook. But Thursday did NOT go well. I burnt my yummy corn and couldn't eat it. I ruined the pan that it was in. I melted my favorite tupperware dish. I set off the smoke detectors and several neighbors heard them going off. So I ended up salvaging what I could from my dinner and still eating it. (I should've just gone out)

Thursday night around midnight I started to feel really SICK! I hardly slept the whole night. I got up early Friday morning and starting throwing up, etc. While getting ready for work and feeling sick, I ended up taking 2 showers...yet I still kept getting ready to go to work. I hate taking a Friday off...counts as a full day yet school's out at 12:30. But I finally realized I needed to stay home. I layed in misery as I tried to find a sub. I called every person on the sub list. I was desperate. It got to the point that I emailed lesson plans to the school and said I can't find a sub. One of the amazing secretaries in the office took over my class when school started. I finally found a sub so she could go cover my class for the day. I didn't find her until a few minutes before school started and she needed time to get ready. So who knows how late she was...but I let the school know she'd be showing up sometime! I spent the day in absolute misery...I mean absolute misery!!! I'm positive my dinner from the night before did it to me. Biggest mistake ever. Self-inflicted misery!!! Why did I do that to myself?? I've never experienced anything worse!!! BLAH! I will spare you the disgusting details...

I've been reading like crazy this week. I bought this book for my new Kindle Fire and have loved it!!! This is one of those books that late at night I have to force myself to put down to go to bed. I finished it last night...during the short little while that I was feeling well. But I was so, so sad when I finished it. LOVE LOVE LOVE this book! Can't wait to see the movie in February. Should be a great one. :) But I'm still so sad that I'm done with it! What now?? 

While sick on the couch, there was a knock at my door. I thought who in the world is here, I don't want to answer the door. I went to the door and looked out the "peep hole"...nobody! What? So I opened the door. I saw the UPS truck and looked to see a package under my mat. The part to my washing machine was here. Yay!! Couldn't have come at a better time!! I really really need to do laundry!! It was Friday night and I was still feeling crappy. But this morning I fixed my washer and I'm feeling pretty proud of myself!! Except the OCD part of me is a little annoyed. The old part was gray and the new one is white (and does not match the parts to my washer). Oh well...I'll get over it.


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