Yummy Treat...gone wrong??

I know I've been a little out of the blogging loop lately. I will update you soon. Just been way too busy! But in the meantime, here's a little recipe for you. I got the recipe from here. She refers to it as "christmas crack" because her family makes it every Christmas and it's amazing! I've had it before and loved it. So needless to say I was so excited to make it myself! If you're going to try making this (and you don't own a candy thermometer)...BUY ONE! I was a little nervous about making this without a candy thermometer. But I went for it, and used my mom's trick of knowing when your mixture is at the right stage. Well either I did something wrong or the recipe steered me in the wrong direction. This usually yummy mixture is painful to eat. It's so yummy but it kills your jaw. Next I make this I will purchase a candy thermometer. And I WILL BE MAKING THIS AGAIN...the right way this time. It's such a letdown when you get all excited about a treat...and then something like this happens. But this seems to be my thing lately. I never used to have accidents in the kitchen...but I seem to have become "kitchen accident prone". So steer clear of me when I'm in the kitchen...or you may come upon one of my accidents. Anyways, if you try this yummy deliciousness and figure out the trick...please clue me in. I'm so disappointed about this mishap!!!

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