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First time teaching RS...

Well the last few days have been pretty tough and sorta pretty good at the same time, if that's possible??!! A few weeks ago I got called to be a RS teacher in my ward. I accepted the call and thought "that will be a fun calling". I don't think I realized what I was doing until...yesterday! I knew I was teaching today and had no inspiration at all on what I was to teach on. I knew I was using this talk out of the Ensign entitled "Be Anxiously Engaged". But I didn't want to just go through the talk; that's boring. And I just wasn't receiving any guidance. I wished so badly that the temple was open so I could receive some inspiration and guidance from the Lord! But I went for the next best solution...SWIG...I got myself a yummy cookie and a drink! Then my sister called to see how it was coming so I was able to get a few ideas from her. Then I had to drop something off to a friend and she mentioned a few things. But this morning I still didn't…

Sunday Stealing

Sunday Stealing: The (20) First (Questions) Meme (I don't know why, but I love doing these silly things. This one's kinda dumb though...boring!)

First Job: Smith's courtesy clerk

First Real Job: 1st grade teacher @ Lois Craig Elementary

First Volunteer Job: ??

First Car: Toyota Celica

First Record: I never had records

First Sport Played: Soccer

First Concert: I really really wanted to go to a NKOTB concert but never did. My first concert was in college when I took my lil sis to NSYNC.

First Country Visited: Canada

First Kiss: haha...Tim Wiebold...loved that kid! 

First Speech: College public speaking class. Miserable! That class was awful for me! 

First Girlfriend/Boyfriend: Tim Wiebold

First Encounter with a Famous Person: Never...I wish! 

First Brush With Death: car accident when I was 17

First House/Flat Owned: My parents bought me a condo for college, and put my name on it.

First Film Seen at a Cinema: Who knows??? I can't remember that far back!

Inspiring Woman

Just finished reading this book not long ago. I've wanted to read it ever since it came out. But i was waiting to borrow the demo copy from my mom's work. I finally got a hold of it and WOW is all I can think to say!! Tears streaming down my cheek in every chapter. I couldn't put it down because it was so touching to the soul. It's real, about real lives, and real feelings. Truly amazing. I've been reading NieNie's blog for years. She has a way with words that's truly amazing. So grateful to have finally read her book! 

The Temple

Isn't this place BEAUTIFUL?? The last time I went was a few weeks ago. And sadly it's closed for 3 weeks for maintenance right now. And I miss it so badly!! I can't wait until it reopens so I can go back. Love that place. Love it's beauty. Love the Spirit I feel there. Love the inspiration I receive inside it's doors. Love everything about it. LOVE! <3
Well my sister Meg had this sweet little doll about a month ago. But sadly I haven't had much time with her because they moved to Las Vegas about a week after she was born. But here are some pics of her and her two brothers taken the last few weeks that they were here. Miss those guys so much!!! 
Ken...if you're reading this....come visit! I haven't seen you or your sweet kids in a really, really long time!!! I need pics of them so I can write about them too :) Anyways, glad to be able to have such amazing siblings and such adorable nieces and nephews! 


I got this beautiful flower from RS two Sundays ago. There was this beautiful lesson taught on loving one another and how we are each daughters of God. And at the end of the lesson we each received a rose. I wanted one of the beautiful purple ones...but this color is just as beautiful! 

Fun craft project

Okay so my mom saw this project on Pinterest and wanted to make it. So one day after work I headed to her house and we each made one. Luckily, my mom is the queen of sewing. So we just dug through her scraps and found the ones we wanted. We each made one and fell in love! So we decided to make one for each bathroom. We brought everything to make at my sister's house in Colorado. But the weekend got away with us and we ran out of time. But it will happen in the future. They are handy little things to have. That way when you run out of tp you know you always have a backup! 

President's Day Weekend!

So I got to spend President's Day weekend at my sister Lynnie's house in Colorado. My parents and I took off after work on Friday and then headed home on Monday. I think I fall more and more in love with her house everytime that I stay there. Remember this post when we found out about the house? And then this post when I spent a long weekend there and got to try out their amazing shower? Well this time I got to try out the jet bath...which feels amazing when you are sick and congested!! 
Anyways, it was fun to have a weekend away. We got to have a yummy lunch at Famous Dave's. We spent a little girl time shopping. We went to the mall so Cole could do this fun little kid's activity where he made this cute little dinosaur and ate a cookie. We watched a movie in the home theater (which now has super comfy seating). Spent lots of play time with Cole & Maliya. Went down the indoor slide several times with Cole. He was so cute every time. He tells you: "You go firs…

Valentine's Day...or Single Awareness Day...take your pic!

Well for my entire life I've hated Valentine's Day. Well it's more of a love/hate sorta thing. I love it because I love hearts, pink and love. And I hate it because in my 33 years not once have I ever had a Valentine. Wait, I take that back. One year I did have a Valentine. But he sent me an email that day that said something along the lines of "I guess I'm supposed to do something for you today so I thought I'd send you an email". As you can see, I've been real lucky in love in my life. 
So because of all of this amazing love that I've been blessed with I've learned to HATE VALENTINE'S DAY!!! Being a school teacher I go to school and put on a happy face and have a fun day with the kiddos. And then I go home and bawl my eyes out. Well this year on the day before this lovely holiday I was out running errands. I was a little emotional realizing what the next day would bring. And I started thinking about the previous year when my house got s…

Day Off...

I have a ton of updating to do. But for now I just needed to post about the incredible day that I had today! To start, last week was Teacher Appreciation Week at my school. I always love that week at school. Here's why: As a teacher, you often hear complaints from parents of what you "aren't doing right". But you never hear any least not very often. But during Teacher Appreciation Week you hear the positive. It's sort of like a breath of fresh air. It makes you realize that okay I am making a difference, I am helping my students, I'm doing okay. It's just nice to hear those positive things every once in awhile to remind yourself that you're doing an ok job. Anyways, last week during TA three parents presented me with the best gift I've ever received...a free day off from work! Now I love my job but sometimes you just need a day to yourself. Everyone gets that way. We all needed. This gift came at the most amazing time in my life. I …