First time teaching RS...

Well the last few days have been pretty tough and sorta pretty good at the same time, if that's possible??!! A few weeks ago I got called to be a RS teacher in my ward. I accepted the call and thought "that will be a fun calling". I don't think I realized what I was doing until...yesterday! I knew I was teaching today and had no inspiration at all on what I was to teach on. I knew I was using this talk out of the Ensign entitled "Be Anxiously Engaged". But I didn't want to just go through the talk; that's boring. And I just wasn't receiving any guidance. I wished so badly that the temple was open so I could receive some inspiration and guidance from the Lord! But I went for the next best solution...SWIG...I got myself a yummy cookie and a drink! Then my sister called to see how it was coming so I was able to get a few ideas from her. Then I had to drop something off to a friend and she mentioned a few things. But this morning I still didn't feel that I knew what I was going to say in my lesson. Then sacrament started and I learned that the Special Needs would be taking up our sacrament today. Wow! The inspiration started flowing! I kept hearing all about "service" which was my topic. And from things these amazing people were saying I got lots of ideas flowing in my mind. I'm so grateful for that wonderful sacrament meeting to inspire me. I almost stayed home to work on my lesson, because I was so stressed about it. I'm so glad that I went to sacrament, where I finally got the guidance I needed! HF works in mysterious ways! :)

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