President's Day Weekend!

So I got to spend President's Day weekend at my sister Lynnie's house in Colorado. My parents and I took off after work on Friday and then headed home on Monday. I think I fall more and more in love with her house everytime that I stay there. Remember this post when we found out about the house? And then this post when I spent a long weekend there and got to try out their amazing shower? Well this time I got to try out the jet bath...which feels amazing when you are sick and congested!! 

Anyways, it was fun to have a weekend away. We got to have a yummy lunch at Famous Dave's. We spent a little girl time shopping. We went to the mall so Cole could do this fun little kid's activity where he made this cute little dinosaur and ate a cookie. We watched a movie in the home theater (which now has super comfy seating). Spent lots of play time with Cole & Maliya. Went down the indoor slide several times with Cole. He was so cute every time. He tells you: "You go first so I can push you. And don't forget to say woohoo when you go down." Then he'd push you and listen for you to say "woohoo". As soon as you got down he'd say: "I'm coming". So then you'd hear his little "woohoo" and then there he is. But the best part is that at the end he'd say "now lets climb up so we can do it again". If I didn't have this bad head cold, I may have taken him up on his offer. Instead I'd tell him I was taking the stairs and we'd see who's fastest. That kid is amazingly fast going UP the slide. It was a fun weekend with lots of adventures. Here are a few pics in completely random order. I didn't want to fix them. There are too many and it would take too enjoy them out of order! 

This is my little buddy. It was fun to see his cute little personality. Someone called me "Mando" (family nickname) and he said "No, you need to call her Mandi". When we were out shopping, he was so cute. Every time we were walking into the street to go to the car, he'd say "Mandi you need to be careful and watch for cars okay?" One time I dropped my sunglasses on the sidewalk. He was very concerned about my safety without my glasses. So after I put them back on (I was holding him) he held them onto my face for me so I wouldn't drop them again. We spent a lot of time on the slide in the house and everytime he'd tell me "don't forget to say woohoo" and then push me down the slide. He had a little potty accident. So I took him upstairs to change. On the way up he told me "time to get in trouble". It was so hard not to laugh!  I could go on and on but I love that kid. He's so stinkin cute! My favorite thing about him is his concern for others. He is very caring adn wants to be sure that everyone is safe and that they are doing okay.

Sweet Maliya...ofcourse she finally warms up to me on the last day there...I just LOVE her headband! 

Cole posing for the camera. I told him I wanted to see his face and this is the picture that I got. :)

Our yummy Famous Dave's lunch

Cole working on his "dinosaur" for his activity at the mall

Cole cuddling with grandma

Cole pretend to sleep in my bed. 

Cole's completed dinosaur. Turned out pretty cute! 

A few pics of the gift my mom and I gave Lyn & Nick for their birthdays. Their birthdays are a few days apart in February and Lyn had told my mom they wanted some date night ideas. So we put together this "Date Night in a Box". Super fun! 

Miss Maliya loves this kitchen

Cole the fireman...I wish you could see his shoes better :)

shopping at Target! 

breakfast time!

the drive home

this cute girl...

playing at the mall play place...swarming with kiddos! 

The. Most. Amazing. Bath. Of. My. Life. Will someone please buy me a nice bathtub??? That is my DREAM!!

She finally warmed up to granpa.

Cole was feeding us

Haha...I tried on a pair of boots at GAP...and they ofcourse wouldn't fit over my calves...ugh the problem I always have. I did get some super cheap shirts though! 

cuteness playing with the kitchen again

her fave toy :)

me and my little buddy...isn't he cute??

she finally sat in my lap to play...and kept looking up at me with those big beautiful eyes! 

the kitchen again...and blowing spit bubbles at me :)

play time! 

Free frozen yogurt...and I ofcourse got carried away! 

Sweet Miss Maliya again I said "it's her fave toy" Home Depot. There was a huge pile of rugs. We lifted Cole up to the top and he thought it was pretty fun! 

The disaster dinner on the way home. Dad had a meeting in Price. So mom and I went to Wingers for lunch. We sat there for an hour waiting for our food. By this time my dad's meeting was over and he was walking to a meeting place. They finally brought our food and we had to ask them to box it up. The girl was very angry with us because "our burgers are thicker so they take longer to cook". An hour? Really girl? Anyways, we weren't too happy. So we took our food and ate it in the car. 

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