Valentine's Day...or Single Awareness Day...take your pic!

Well for my entire life I've hated Valentine's Day. Well it's more of a love/hate sorta thing. I love it because I love hearts, pink and love. And I hate it because in my 33 years not once have I ever had a Valentine. Wait, I take that back. One year I did have a Valentine. But he sent me an email that day that said something along the lines of "I guess I'm supposed to do something for you today so I thought I'd send you an email". As you can see, I've been real lucky in love in my life. 

So because of all of this amazing love that I've been blessed with I've learned to HATE VALENTINE'S DAY!!! Being a school teacher I go to school and put on a happy face and have a fun day with the kiddos. And then I go home and bawl my eyes out. Well this year on the day before this lovely holiday I was out running errands. I was a little emotional realizing what the next day would bring. And I started thinking about the previous year when my house got showered with hearts on Valentine's Day. Well as I was thinking that, I pulled into my driveway and once again it had been "showered with hearts". I seriously started bawling as I sat in my car and looked at my house. Whoever this person is...knows how much I need this. It's amazing how such a small act of kindness can go such a long ways. When you think about it, cutting out a few paper hearts and putting them in front of someone's house is not a big deal. But to me it meant the world. It was a way of coping with a very difficult trial. Thank you!!!

This is what I saw as I pulled up to my house. :) They left their tape at my house too lol...

The next morning (Valentine's Day)...a little brighter :)

a gift from a student...beautiful aren't they?

I had the joy of having a head cold on that day...which by the way...I still have ugh!! 

Exactly one week later it snowed. A heart fell off my garage and into the snow. When the snow melted this is what was left behind. :)

a sweet gift from my the cute saying :)

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