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My students were cheering me on sweet :)

A few weeks ago I asked my students to memorize the preamble. We are learning about the U.S. Constitution in History so I thought it would be beneficial to have them learn the preamble. I guess I didn't realize what I was getting myself into when I decided this. Keep in mind that as a child I never learned the preamble. So as I'm telling my witty, funny, intelligent, creative...etc....students...they ask me if I know the preamble. And when they found out that I didn't know the preamble they told me that it was only fair if I learned it too. How could I disagree with that? So I've been working on memorizing the preamble. But it's hard; i'm not that great at remembering things. I've listened to the School House Rock song a million times. I wish I could play the music (without the words) and sing the preamble to my class. But I finally went for it today (I've definitely been putting it off) and I got all but one word! As I went for it, I had several stude…

This is where I spend my days...

Okay this is my cute classroom. This is where I spend my days. I am very proud of this cute classroom and all of the learning that takes place in this room. 
Blogger is making me mad because it's flipping all of my pictures! So I'm sorry but some of them are sideways. But I blame blogger. 
I know it's March, but I just found out I have to leave this cute classroom behind at the end of May. I'm feeling a bit nostalgic and sentimental about this classroom that I love so much. I will be moving down the hall and teaching a new subject next year. Change is in the air! 
As I work to finish this year out strong and embark on this new journey I think of this quote that I saw on fb today. This is why I LOVE teaching!!! And I love those sweet kiddos!!

Classroom Door...
A glmipse into my classroom from the hallway...
Backpack rack
Behavior "clip chart"
Word Wall, Writing Wall, Birthday Wall...the word wall hasn't worked out the way it was planned this year. So plea…

Yummy Treat!!

Well ever since I was just little my mom made "muddy buddies" often for a yummy treat. As I've grown up I have realized that most people call this yummy treat "puppy chow". It's been a long time favorite for me. And the other day I came across this recipe for "Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Puppy Chow" How could I pass that up? So this afternoon I finally had the time to make this yummy treat. And it definitely DOES NOT DISSAPOINT! YUM!!!! You can follow the recipe by using the link above. But I made it slightly easier based on the way we made "muddy buddies" when I was a kid. So see below for step-by-step instructions.

If you have one of these, it will come in handy!!

Start with 8 cups of Corn Chex & 2 cups of Reese's Pufffs. Mix and pour in large garbage sack.

Add one package of Reese's peanut butter cups minis into the cereal mixture.
Pour 2 cups of powdered sugar and set aside.
Measure 1/2 cup of peanut butter and set asid…

Sunday Stealing

Sunday Stealing...been awhile wince I've done one of these! 

Have any memories that you’d like to forget? Don't we all? Ofcourse I do. But I'm certainly not going to share them here. There's a reason I want to "forget" them lol!
Is there someone you really like to hang out with and just talk about stuff? Yes my really close friend Mandy

Have you ever been called prince or princess? Haha that's hilarious...NO! 

Do you think teenagers are weird? Absolutely! But at least they have fun  
How fast does your mood change? Depends. I'm a pretty emotional person. So yes certain things can set me off and change my mood in an instant.

How are you feeling? Good. Sad Spring Break is coming to an end. But it's been a nice break from life! 

Do you want someone to call you right now? I'm actually anticipating a call to come through any minute...just waiting! 

What do you always take with you? Phone! Can't live without it.

Is your bed comfortable? Oh yes...

Would yo…

I love you because...

Not a great picture. Sorry about that. But I wanted to show you this cute craft I made recently. It was so easy to make. My local vinyl store Vinyl 4 Decor (who also has an online store) does a weekly $2 cut. Back in February, this vinyl was one of the $2 cuts. I bought the vinyl from the vinyl store, the frame was $2 at my local walmart, and I already had the ribon. I followed the directions on the vinyl for applying it to the glass, removed the back of the frame, hot glued the glass to the frame, hot glued the ribbon to the frame. Then voila it was complete! I bought a little dry erase marker to be used with this cute frame. This could be used just in February or year-round with your sweetie. :)

Spring Break

I am a teacher of some beautiful, funny, smart, hard working, witty, cute little 4th graders. But being able to keep up with them means being able to take a break to rejuvinate every once in awhile. Well this week has been one of those much-needed breaks. This week was our Spring Break. Here are a few things that I did this week! 
Shopped at my favorite home decor store for the very last time....sad :(
enjoy some chocolate that my lil sis sent me from chocolate I ever ate!!
Did some spring cleaning by moving my rug...only to realize that I will now need to clean my carpets. They are disgusting! Amazing how you don't realize how direty your carpet is! 
Turned on the a/c. It's spring time here and my house gets really HOT really FAST!

Got a package from London...yay! 
Finished not one but three books...Nicholas Sparks is one of my fave authors! 
Drank a lemon berry cream slush. If yo've never had one you really should. They are amazing!!!
Ate at Durangos. Yum!…